Well I am out. They fixed the first problem and guess what they had to do a hernia repair. i had a third one. So now I know why I was hurting so bad for the last two weeks.
Was just thinking bout you today.

Good you made it through buddy.

Heal=Grind=Good times.

Right on James.

Best wishes. Be sure to take it easy for a couple weeks.
Glad you're okay MR. WILLIAMS - now heal up and get to grindin'! QUOTE " THEY LET YOU OUT" WHERE YOU IN THE CRAZY BIN "LOL"LOL"WE MISSED YOU !!!!!!!!
Best wishes brother. I had a soldier a few years ago we had to send back to Germany from Iraq for a simple hernia proceedure. It took him a month to recover. Just take it slow and heal the right way the first time so you don't re-injure yourself. Better to take plenty of time now than to do it all over later.