Shop Music Thread- what are you listening to today?

As a x orphanage choir boy, & later in life taking up playing 12string guitar.....n 40 years after that piano..

with the non interest of learning covers,I'v found myself armed with my 12 string guitar @country/bushbash partys,with up to 30 musician's jam'n away,with not a singer amongst us,
& as where my life long hobby of moonshining, giving me a touch of Dutch courage ;) have broken into song, & generally just singing about drunken freinds in the [FONT=Proxima Nova, Helvetica Neue, Arial, sans-serif]audience,making/doing/staggering & doing what drunkards generally do..

has lead to offers of singing /busking gigs (yeah,right -like that would give me the Joe Cocker,whisky bottle look ( but still love the mans voice )

late in my 50's I recorded 100's of hours with a digital piano,2 years of that,left me bored with a au$1600 digital keyboard & all its built in orchestral instruments to play -what's next,double /tripple the keyboards price range ?

or as when per 12string, I was home alone at the girlfriend's parents home,playing snooker,walking past the family piano,I found a chart to show you what key to press for what note, and a piece of sheet music to play,even drunk ( Again Joe Cocker as a role model ).learnt the 1sts page of a classical piece of music..

that evening with the g/friend,her cousins n still playing snooker, during my shot,had to walk past said piano,I flipped the lid,banged out what I'd learnt that afternoon,shut the lid & went on to play my shot...the g/freind of years cried (it was a soulful pice)
& said she never knew I could play..So covers,its not that hard people..

after that..

I lived with muse'os & worked out b4 them how to plug a bass guitar into a mogg keyboard then the moog into the big bass I can do it though guitar foot peddles or go totally mad & use midi/computer,software trickery..

so realy, if your homeless,poor, jobbless & or begging?..raise your game..

get a couple of dustbin lids, bang em along to whatever song you know
[/FONT]..raise yourself up from 1st word beggar to busker , earn your keep. & make real money

..and as Joe Cocker said about his spassy arms when singing,it was his frustration of not being able to play a instrument ! .. hence if you can sing, its not that much harder to wack any radom things to get a back beat going....


I did a lot of work the past couple weeks trying to get ready for a show and got tired of music...i had a friend send me a podcast called "Your Own Backyard"'s a true crime podcast and was good if you're up for a change of pace!

J. Doyle

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I've always liked Bobby Bare.

This song is good for a chuckle if you've never heard it. Especially funny to me because when I lived in Montana, I always hated going to Missoula (for a few reasons). One reason was all the joggers in that yuppie town. Joggers everywhere and they'd be dressed in pastel colors with headbands and headphones in and run out into traffic without looking. My cousin and I used to joke about it.

I can relate to the disdain Bobby shows for them in the song but maybe I should be more mindful of the ending?