Number three on the way!

Archer Moon

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Just found out that my best friend and wife is having our third kid. It is going to be very different in my house. One boy at seven, one girl at four, and one on the way! Very bizzy summer. Making cribs, shoping for baby stuff (got rid of most from the last one), saving for Jen not working, and all the sports that the kids are getting into. Fishing and hunting will be shot trips, if at all.
This one is deffantly an opps! Aint life great! She wants to find out what this one is. The first two we did not.
It is going to be fun!100_1788.jpg100_1798.jpg

Keith Willis

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Hey James,I got your name for this years MITH.....
Are you sure you need knifemaking materials?:what!:
Just kidding my friend,good luck with the new addition.

God bless,Keith


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Congrats James! Well... Mostly Congrats to your better half, but you get to be included too... :)

Archer Moon

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Thanks Keith. I should be save for the next nine months.

I wish she knew how much better she really is. Thanks Brad.

Carey Quinn

Congratulations James. I got to go through what you're going through almost 35 years ago but it seems like just last week. I remember one of the things we found soon after the joyous arrival was that most everything is designed for a family of four. We needed an extra chair at the table and an extra seat in the car and someone had to share a bedroom and... Boy what a ride!

Enjoy and Godspeed,