Memorial Day Salute

Curtiss Knives

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Being a 12 year vet myself, Memorial Day is kinda special. Most of my family are veterans. I would like to give a salute to all veterans, past and present. Thank you for your service and our freedom. I'll have a beer (several) in your honor. So please join me in raising a glass and give a toast.:42:

I'm even gonna toast to ole :les:
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May those we have lost be remembered well and honorably and those still with us be able to cherish memories of friends lost. Nadine and I will be attending a Memorial Day Ceremony at the Arkansas State Veteran's Cemetery tomorrow.

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In remembrance to all who fell and their families to keep our freedom.
Thank you.


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A salute to all of the men and women in uniform thank you for your service and GLWJ/CK toast
God Bless


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Thank you to all vets! A few years ago while I was at Mastersmith, Hugh Bartrug's funeral, I spent most of the day talking with his son Hugh, as I was about to leave I thanked him for his service. He let go of our handshake and just hugged me as tears filled his eyes, he was a Navy Seal for about 15 years, this was a very powerful moment as I wondered of all the pain and sacrifice he endured for our country and what all of them have done for us. His mom and dad mentioned many times how concerned they were with all the secret deployments, never knowing where he was or how long it would be before he was home, and when you do see him he is so quiet and humble. Just like his father, the integrity, honor and pride shines in his eyes as you speak to him. GOD bless all our Veterans !

Denny Eller

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May God Bless those who have layed down their lives -since Revolutionary War times - to provide us with the freedoms that we too often take for granted. Please stop for a moment today and offer up words of gratitude for those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our Country.


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In remembrance....May we never forget those who have served, and those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for this nation. In today's world of "hurry up" and "me, me, me" we take so much for granted. If at no other time, let today be a day to honor and thank those who have and do keep our great nation free! God Bless all those who have, and are serving!

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I am grateful today in particular for the families of 26 of my Island Warriors, 40 total from Task Force Koa, who have had to grieve for their sons, husbands, brothers, uncles and cousins. May the Lord of Peace sustain you on this day of remembering. Greater love hath no man.

Holy Koa Out


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I lost my son over the skies of Fallujah. And on this day I remember his sacrifice and the sacrifice of all soldiers. They gave thier lives to make us free!! So we can persue things like knifemaking.
Michael O'Machearley
ps see you all in Atlanta

Tom Militano

I'm retired military and I was sitting in my shop today thinking about my military friends that are longer with us. I know to many names on the Vietnam Wall. I'm sorry for anyone who has lost a loved one. Thanks for remembering.