I thought this was a little odd. Scam?

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Ernie Swanson

Here is an email I just received:

Dear Ernie,

My name is David Bolton. I am a part time teacher and freelance writer, living in Spain.

I do part time writing and translation for MercoPalapbra Editors. They are a Spanish publishing group; they own an airsoft, paintball, security and now a knife magazine. I write mostly about U.S. knife companies, both custom and production; I also cover most tactical knives. The magazine is also being distributed in South America as well.

Please see link: http://www.mercopalabra.com/

On the right side of the web-page you will see the words "Prensa periódica," and five covers of the different magazine they publish. click on the bottom cover for "Arma Blanca." This is the new magazine that the group is putting out; the cover shown is the first issue.

As a newly published magazine, the editors wish for some great articles and reviews this first year. Enrie Swanson Knives more then fits this bill. So, I would love to do an article and review of any of your knives.

I also write an occasional review for "Soldiers raids, magazine," Spain's version of Guns and Ammo meet S.O.F. the magazine itself, does not have a web-site.

Here is the link for the store that owns the magazine, I write for. http://www.soldiers.es/

As for the particulars, we would need a sample in a month or so, if that fits your production schedule. As for returning the knife and sheath, this depends on the knife maker, the magazine editor and myself.

1. If your policy is to have the sample returned, we will return the sample.

2. If you charge for the sample, as Cold Steel does, depending the price, the magazine or myself will pay.

3. If the sample is FREE and the editor likes it, he will either ask for the knife directly from me, which I normally give. He has a 10 x 20 office wall full of his favourite knives. If I like the knife then it, goes into my collection.

All FREE samples whether kept by myself or the magazine, are NEVER resold. A copy or two of the magazine will be sent to you, depending your request, free of charge.

I hope this helps clarify and questions you might have.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best Regards,

David Bolton.

References available on request.
Could or could not be a scam. I have no clue. I bet it would help alot if I could read Spanish.
Tell them to send you 150 bucks and you will send them a knife if they dont like it they can send it back after they publish their story . If they are a new magazine they usually have finacial backing enough to pay for stories. Tell them that is a promotional fee covering shipping . Send them an invoice and see where it goes tell them international money orders in usa currency only. If their reply is they cant afford tell them in a not so polite letter to get lost. It seems very fishy Ernie. kellyw
I have seen a few letters similiar to this one. They were scams.
The guy will probably keep your knife. I would call one of the magazines this guy claims to write for and see if he has had any articles published.
I have walls here, too, at Bada Bing Cutlery. I promise scout's honor that if you send me a free knife I'll hang it up.

The benefit for you, the dupe, is a cheaper UPS invoice as Wisconsin is closer than Spain...
The first site has an english translation button. The sight seems legitimate so if you are interested Ernie give the company a call or e-mail them to see if this David Bolton works for them.

If it's legitimate it could be some publicity for you.

Charge them for the knife. If they want the story they will pay.

Well, after reading this part :
2. If you charge for the sample, as Cold Steel does, depending the price, the magazine or myself will pay.
I would say sell them a knife. I would also ask them to pay for shipping as shipping overseas is more expensive. IF they are Legit, they will make a decision based on merit. If it IS a scam, they will say that they can't pay the price or some such.
My first question, Ernie, would be where and how they found out about you. Seeing that you have less than a dozen knives under your belt, I would start off skeptical. Did a spider find your web site or are they trolling the knife forums?

It might turn out to be a great boon, but I wouldn't count on it. I would try to find out more first though.
IIRC, I first heard about this guy on this forum or another knife forum. One of the members was approached about a review of his works (other than a knife, I think it was a belt) and sent the guy a few samples.

He never got anything in return. The con-man uses legit magazines, ezines, and papers, and even uses a real author's name. But, you're sending your kit to someone altogether different.

Any time I get a request like this, I have to wonder how in the world they found out about me. In this case, I could see the magazine wanting to do a feel-good piece about an up-n-coming knifemaker, why wouldn't they choose a Spanish guy that the Spanish readers can better relate to?

On the upside, I just signed up for a dating website and this super-hot college cheerleader is saying she wants to chat with me. All I have to do is upgrade my membership to Silver or Gold...... What the heck, it's only $45/mo and she smoking hot!!! ;)
Ernie , Rock is totally right. I would still send him an inflated invoice of 1000 dollars and request a 150 dollars for shipping and handling. lmao
I agree with Larry, if they want the knife, they'll pay for it. Send one when the check clears, not after. It does sound like a buncha baloney overall, though.

On the plus side, at least you know you're getting attention from all over the world!

Vaughn, I think that's MY smokin hot cheerleader you're after! We may have to duel over this!
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I would think that there are plenty of well respected collectors and bloggers that would like to review your knives. heck i would review it on a little blog that I have, but I don't think anyone reads it haha. its just for me to have a little fun with. Also there are plenty of people here that i am sure would love handle your knives, and would/could give you more of an informed review.
I got another email from Mr. David Bolton Today.
He said, That now that I had some time to think about it, what did I think about letting him do a review.

I then email him telling him that I would gladly send him a knife to review as soon as I get payment.

He then replied that They (him or the magazine companies) do not buy knives to review but if they like it they might buy it!!

I had to laugh out loud about this.

Some people:rolleyes:
You could say you need a deposit for the knife, of about $500, to cover shipping and materials until they decide whether or not they would like to purchase it for $150.
Ernie you should talk to Andy Roy from Fiddleback Forge about his experience like this with an "internet reviewer" of sorts...... :eek:

Was his name David Bolton:D

He emailed me back just saying that he said he would provide referances.

So i told him to humor me with his refeances and that I would require a $150 deposit before I send the knife and it will be returned when I get the knife back in 100% perfect condition.

Now we wait to see what he has to say about this............
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