I feel like a proud papa! Our first banned spammer..

There was another Spammer this morning. Made a couple Posts listing Porn Sites.

I told him there was a place for it, and this place was for knives!
Added a few ban1 to my Posts as well.

Whattaya know, not too much later his Posts were gone! :D

You Mods do that? 2thumbs

I gots no problem with nekkid wimmens, but not here.
It's in the Agreement we all had to Check.
I always wondered what they think they are accomplishing. I mean if I see a link that is posted by someone I don't know I do not click on it. If I wanted a x rated site I would search for one. Anyway just curious if they really think their spamming actually works.
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Well he listed a whole bunch of porn sites in both Posts.

I already got my own favorites, don't need no mo'.:D
Glad to see it was taken off quick.

Was he Banned? 2thumbs

btw: I like that "Howlin' Wolf" Smilie so much I just had to put it in my Sig Line.
Kinda self descriptive.
Are you guy's getting ready for the:
"I have design knife, need person to make, will order many. Can't post picture do not desire design to be steal"
Go ahead and Ban him before he shows up.l