Happy Birthday Boss Dog!


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Happy Birthday Tracy!!! 2thumbs

It's 25 right??? ;)

Hope you have a great, safe, and happy birthday!!!! yea!
Yea Nick 25....On one leg:D

Happy Birthday Bro, I see many pounders in your daily planner for today!!2thumbs
Thanks guys.
My wife gave me aa electric collar for the lab and some pheasant training dummies. I'll be taking my son and him out some time this weekend and putting the collar on the one that minds the least.

My son gave me the as seen on TV HD vision sunglasses and could have laughed any harder. He loves a gag gift when it isn't for him.

I have some pounders in my future this evening. The local C&W honky tonk has the Hillbilly Mafia playing tonight and that sounds right up my alley.
Becareful with that collar Tracy, you may wake one morning and find that she put it on you!! :)

Happy Birthday my friend!!! Hope you have a great one!!