First knife ever.........WIP

Ernie Swanson

Well, I started on my first knife ever.

Ats-34, 9'' over all, 4 1/8 from point to handle. 5/32 thick

I was going to build the whole knife with all hand tools except for a drill but after I broke my hacksaw a had to break out the 4 1/2'' grinder.

I have not decided on handle material yet but I think I am going to go with some birdseye maple.

I am going to use brass round stock for pin material, not sure of diamater yet!

here is a picture of my sketch and of the knife so far, I will be updating as I build it.
Please feel free to critique.
Thanks for looking!!!!

Here is a pic of me doing the draw filing on the bottom !!!
photo courtesy of my lovley girlfriend!!!

Yes I am working on my little deck. Its the only place I have right now to do any work like this!

Here is a pic of my filing vise:D, I know its not much but all I have, I am hoping to build a few knives and then sell a couple so I can get me a nice vise and belt grinder!!

I think I might try to sell this knife to buy some 1084 or 1095 and a craftsman
2x42 belt sander........... not sure if I will get that much for it.

I still have to drill my holes and send it out to get heat treated and tempered.

I tried to drill a few holes today but my drill kept going a little crooked so I am going to try to find a drill press I can use.


That will be a great knife when it's finished. There's soul in that blade for sure. Great effort.


Bill Coye

Knife Maker
Right on!

Gotta like a guy that Jumps in both feet and makes it happen.

You've got my attention. Keep us posted.



Way to go bigern!!! 2thumbs

Bigurn you’re determination will make it happen!!! I am looking forward to this WIP.



You have a great start and just remember use what you have. I say that for several reasons if you start out using what you only have, you will learn a lot more on the way to the finish. Also, you will see a lot of the things that can go wrong and how to fix them easier than with a grinder. This way you will learn a lot more than just starting with a grinder. Knifemaking is a lot of trial and error even if you have been making knives for a long time as many of us have. We are always looking for another knife pattern to try, or a different way to do something to make it easier.
Curtis Wilson

Ernie Swanson

Well I sent her out to Heat treat.......

Sorry for no pics before it left but i will get some as soon as I start putting the scales on!!


Great skills are in the hands not the tools

I think you have done an amazing job using files. That just shows that the skills are in the hands, not in the tools.

Your setup reminds me of one I had years ago. Lived in an apartment with a little balcony, and that was work shop, as long as it wasnt raining.

I am anxious to see the finished product.

LR Adkins

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You are off and running. You have a good design and looks like you have a good hand for it. We're all rooting for you and are here for questions. Waiting for pics. :)


Ernie Swanson

I just opened a box from Texas knife supply, I got my knife back today so Now I can start the finishing and handle process.