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i am thinking about putting this model in production it is not finished yet i started it a year ago needs sharpening and a logo


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12 icnhes long 5 inch handle for a good grip 7 inch blade 1/4 inch thick 3v blade steel. i will use ats 34 or cm 154 for the production runs. gren canvas micarta scales blasted for excellent grip in adverse conditions,stainless steel guard fited on with a .160 dia. pin ,lanyard hole
Will it come with a Kydex sheath? How thick is the blade? What will the blade finish be?
I like the overall shape, and grinds. It looks very good. For me the light green micarta seems out of place. Is it too weak a colour for that particular knife? Frank
micarta is very strong as far as the color goes i can put what ever the customer wants .i like the green ,i think that color will look good with a hand rubbed blade.
thanks alex
Alex, I'll bet you had a good show. Was by your table 4 times Saturday and couldn't get close to you, always a crowd.
Alex, it was great getting to meet you guys this weekend and I was extremely impressed with your product line up. I have no doubt you have a very bright future with the pieces you are offering. I look forward to coming over to visit your shop soon and hope I can help you out a bit while I'm there.