Ball peen to spike hawk


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tarted from a ball peen about 16 oz, USA stamped. Forgot that my phone was plugged in, but I got a few pics later in the process.

Here it is after some of the Blade was beginning to be forged out, right before I started drifting the eye.

A bit more forging...

Forged to shape all but the spike end. Time for a little profile cleanup on the grinder.

Drifted the eye out larger to fit a regular hammer handle.

Got it close to finished. After this I normalized in the oven and then did a bit of finish grinding. May heat treat tomorrow.
Friend of mine made a replica Tomahawk/Pipe for a friend of his out of a ballpien. Very cool!
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Wow, those Willis hawks sure are nice. I've got 10 more ball peen heads at least, maybe 15. It'll be a bit before I get to them, but I definitely have more planned in the future.
Jason this is one the ones Stuart Willis forged from a ball peen hammer. I spoke to him several times and again not long before he passed. He used the 28oz hammers and seemed quite subdued about the fact I was interested in his work. I don't think he realized I thought I was seeing a rock star at work!! He was open to all questions (and I had many) which he always answered fully! His work is what always inspired me when it comes to hawks! I was a member of another forum (traditional muzzleloader forum) that Sturat was a member of and was shocked when I learned he had passed!

Stuart Willis 2012.jpg