Badge poll

What badge option?

  • #1 - professionally printed PVC

    Votes: 22 47.8%
  • #2 - Laminated

    Votes: 6 13.0%
  • #3 - PVC with printed perm. label

    Votes: 5 10.9%
  • #4 - We don't need no stinking baggges

    Votes: 13 28.3%

  • Total voters


I like badges. As Tracy stated some people don't wear t-shirts. Maybe Tracy could get one pocket pull over shirts with the knife dog emblem on the pocket. To me we need to take blade by storm. The more we are seen the more people will come looking for us. Once they get here they won't want to leave. We keep a clean forum and we don't do drama. That will get them. So we need to be seen as much as possible IMHO.

Andy Garrett

Active Member
I say we all get Knife Dog tattoos on our necks.
...but that's just me.

Maybe David could cut something cool out of small-pattern diamond tread plate!

Mike Barton

Well-Known Member
How about a larger version, badge size, of the Knifedogs dog tag logo cut out of titanium? Could a larger single tag be that much more than $12 for pvc?

Titanium should be classy enough for Mr. Wheeler in his suit, and still be cool enough for people in t-shirts :D

Knifedogs would really stand out from the rest at BLADE when wearing titanium 2thumbs

Nick, you know I'm just messing with you :p;)

John Barker

I'd be in for one. I think anything to promote our forum is a good thing. I'd vote for whatever looks the best. Thanks for all your hard work Les.

Les Voorhies

Badge Boss Admin Dog Catcher
I just want to bump this up, it's kind of hard to know exactly what this poll is telling me but it looks like there is not a great interest in badges so right now I'm thinking we'll probably have to go with the higher end badges for those who want them.

But for now, if you haven't voted please do so.

Curtiss Knives

KD Founding Member #1, Knifemaker
Gee, I just found this. Duh! I could do some crazy cool TAC-Ti™. You could put a KnifeDogTag with it. I'm in for whatever. I like the badges.


Les Voorhies

Badge Boss Admin Dog Catcher
I was playing with the badges shortly after I started this poll but I stopped because I really don't have the final design but it does look like we'll be going with the professionally made badges. The titanium badge could work but I'm pretty sure BossDogg wants a plastic one for sure. If we did a titanium one I could put the finishing touches on them, anodize them and send them out but David would have to set the price on that.

BossDog & Owner
Staff member
David can't do all those custom one off's. He doesn't have enough Jack Daniels to get through that. At this point, if we can find a web site that will keep our design on file and then customize the name for each individual, that would be the way to go. A person could just go to that web site, tell them the design to use and then the name they want on the badge.

Is there a place like that?


Well-Known Member
I voted for option #1. I figure with how much money we spend on knives, a few extra bucks for a nicer badge isn't going to break the bank.

Curtiss Knives

KD Founding Member #1, Knifemaker
I really think that nice plastic badges are the way to go. A lot more cost effective than Ti and you can use all kinds of colors. And I'm out of Jack!


Super Moderator and KD Blade Show Boss
I'm unsure if there is a web site where we could have these made. I know there are several programs that can be utilized (most are security access programs). If anyone has a buddy who is in the security business (ie. access control) they could do it with no problem. Unfortunately, I no longer have access to this type of software.

BossDog & Owner
Staff member
I'm sure we will find a place. We just need google skilz...


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I have a guy that prints our college IDs that may be able to print these for us. These IDs are professional quality with bar codes on them we scan for clocking in or checking out books ect.. Anywy He makes the cards to order for $1 each, If you are interested pm me and I will check with him.