A weaponized camp axe - Cactus Rose 40


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My late friend and collaborator, Gib Guignard, forged this fine little camp axe for me many moons ago from a hammer head. I used it frequently as shop axe for rough shaping as well as for routine camp chores. Unfortunately due to the wages of time on my poor old bod, I set it aside until one day I took a fresh loolk at it and the following is what it became.
I added a bit of file work to the head and then gussied up the red ocher and bear grease stained hickory handle with a rawhide grip, brass tacks, and a beaded and hawk belled horsetail drop. It then sat around for a while since I "felt" something was missing. Then on my way home from town (Durango, CO) one day I stopped for a breather at pull out along the Animas River. While walking around I spied this piece of drift wood and it the light bulb of inspiration went off. I took it home, added a small forked piece of antler to hold the handle up, oiled the wood up, then added some brass tacks, and beaded dangles with tin cones and mule hair tufts.

Wade Hougham

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Chuck, You not only are a fantastic craftsman but your ability to see things, that most don't even notice, is what makes you a true artist. Thank you for the teachings you have shared with us and the beauty of your creations. Wade


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I have both your DVDs on holsters and knife sheaths. Wish you had one on tomahawks. Mine are so "plain Jane" compared to yours! Artistry unparalleled!

Diamond G Knives

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Im sure Gib is smiling.
Your work has been an inspiration for me for many years.
Hope you and yours are well.

God Bless