**** 3rd Annual KnifeDogs Mith Giveaway ****

Rudy Joly

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You 're totally welcome Rudy. Hope you can use the stuff. I have some info on that 6150 somewhere. Bought it at Batson's Blade Symposium last year. When I find it I'll send it to you.

I definately can use it, or any steel and materials.
Not that I'm a pro but I have a young guy learning forging with me in a couple weeks. That 6150 and 1084 looks about right to start on instead of the 1/4" 5160 I have. Thanks again Patrick.


Dwane Oliver

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I got a bunch of wood, some amber elk antler, and an awesome little piece of feather damascus from Mr Bruce Bump today , thanks Bruce.


Bruce Bump

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I got a bunch of wood, some amber elk antler, and an awesome little piece of feather damascus from Mr Bruce Bump today , thanks Bruce.

You're welcome Dwane. Thats Walla Walla Blue Mountain Elk antler. It should go good on a knife from New Mexico. I looked but couldnt find hardly any guard material. I just use allot of plain ol' 1018 for guards.


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I hit the Jackpot!

Look at this great handle material from Rudy.

Thanks Rudy, I can really use this stuff.

Is this a great site or what?


Mark Behnke

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Received MITH to day from "DonL" a nice package to make a super knife.

1 1/2" x 7" Alabama Damascus
Ironwood scales
Red liners
Copper pin stock
Lanyard tubing

Soon as I finish here the build begins, design first, a hunter?

Thanks Don, how'd you know, been wanting some Damascus, this will be my first knife with it.

Also received a nice Thank You letter (snail mail) from Cory Speh "SC Knives" aside from his on line "Thanks" for the material he received.

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Ernie Swanson

Thanks for posting pics guys!!!

I still have 19 people I have not heard from yet, If your package arrived let me know, and please post up some pics :)

Battle Creek Knives

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I got mine today, woohoo !!!!!!!!

thanks Tim... !!!!

sorry guys but for some reason I got it in my head to expect an email... I'll check in here a lot but never log in.. anyhow by getting my MITH today I logged in and got my drawn name...

its going in the mail today, if not tomorrow for sure... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will post pics later also..


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sent mine today! jees I always said my wife is hard to shop for, "shopping" the shop for another knifemaker is tough too

Mike Turner

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Received my package today from Robert Carpenter, got some Wood, looks like some kind of horn, some pin and thong hole stock.


Robert what is the silver stock? Looks like Stainless but seems light to me for stainless.

Thanks for the materials Robert.

Battle Creek Knives

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Mike, sorry for no description.. I had a fall out at the post office and had to transfer my box to the one you got...

the wood is california buckeye burl, walnut, birdseye maple, and buffalo horn. some mosaic, nat can pins, brass/stainless lanyard and I believe the other is 304 stainless but to be honest cant remember..

hope you can use it down the road...