**** 3rd Annual KnifeDogs Mith Giveaway ****

Ernie Swanson

KnifeDogs 3nd annual MITH giveaway

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A couple years ago I got the idea of doing a materials giveaway, it was a secret Santa type giveaway. It went very well with lots of participation. I am hoping more participate than last year but I would love to do this again so here goes.

This is just for makers (novice or expert), Just for materials to aid in making a knife. it can be a chunk of blade steel, handle material, mosaic pin stock, or anything else that can be used in building a knife!! The gift you send out can be one piece or many as long as you send something.
MITH (material in the hat) giveaway

All you have to do is PM me your name, user name and address. once we hit the deadline for entry I will put all the names in a hat and then pm each person who they got, then they just send the gift out to the person they got.

If you do not intend on sending anything out DO NOT sign up. I do not want anyone not getting something in return.

I will not tell anyone who got them but if you want to you can. it don't have to be a secret.

Lets make this fun and exiting for everyone.

I will set the deadline to sign up at February 29th!!!
On February 29th I will draw names and Pm each person the name and address of who they got. Then they can send out the packages.

Sign up sheet:

1. Ernie Swanson
2. Listerp
3. Battle Creek Knives
4. Gahagan
5. Mr. Bruce Bump
6. Archer Moon
7. BRad704
8. Rudy Joly
9. DonL
10. BigRob1980
11. Boatbuilder
12. Meridian Blades
13. Mark Behnke
14. SC_Knives
15. Winterbear
16. Kevin1050
17. Patrick
18. maxcutter03
19. rootes_of_ohio
20. Tim Musselman
21. Cameron Wilcox
22. HHH Knives
23. DropPoint
24. Dwane Oliver
25. Mike928
26. A.W.Stovall
27. clancy
28. Mike Turner
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Mark Behnke

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I've really enjoyed this in the past so I'm in again,can't wait to go looking for stuff to fill the box.