**** 3rd Annual KnifeDogs Mith Giveaway ****


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Shipped mine out a few minutes ago. Hope you like the stuff. Ernie thanks a lot for taking the time to put this together again.

Bruce Bump

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Just kidding. I did pay extra frieght because I used a priority box instead of a flat rate box. They sure know how to make money from stupid people. Oh well the USPS needs the money.
Going by rail? Big box. Any hint as to what state?:biggrin:

HHH Knives

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Sent mine out Tuesday, This is fun!

I hope everyone gets some cool stuff and has fun with the NEW supply's!!!


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Guess I'm the first one posting the AWESOME box I got from rootes_of_ohio. It took all my willpower to not open it until I had my box ready to ship out. They say good things come to those that wait. YES! I now truly believe that.


As you can see I opened the box to find 15 gorgeous pieces of Premium Stag. It looks like it was stained and then stabilized. Tim says there's 5@ 4.5", 5@ 5" and 5@5.5". After checking each and every piece out I knew of a couple that will end up on knives for me. When I stood the pieces on end all I could think of was a forest of Stag. To say I'm pleased with what I received would be a total understatement.

Thanks Tim!!!!!! This is some Saweeeeeet stuff.


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Got mine sent this morning via USPS Priority. Hope you can use it Mr. Recipient! :)

Meridian Blades

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Sent mine Monday and got mine from Archer Moon today. Box with drawers and wood inside with pin material and even a couple drill bits....AWESOME !!!!!!!!! Way above and beyond....

Thanks Again...Larry


Sean Jones

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Mine went out today. My recipient should have it by Tuesday of next week at the latest. Hope he likes it.

Rudy Joly

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Patrick is INSANE !!

I almost feel embarassed to accept this package. Patrick went well above and beyond, I couldn't believe the materials I was unpacking.....3 bars of 1084, 1 bar of 5160, 2 bars of 6150 (? unsure of that one).....2 slabs of brown linen micarta....2 sticks of G11...7 various wood and antler handle materials...brass plate and hex. It's all well appreciated and usable. THANK YOU PATRICK.


On a side note....
I was sent out of town this week and returned tonight which left Clancy (Earnie) twisting in the wind. I already contacted him and appologised for letting his package sit in my car for a week....it's gone tomorrow morning. Again, I'm sorry for the delay Ernie.

Knife people are great,

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You 're totally welcome Rudy. Hope you can use the stuff. I have some info on that 6150 somewhere. Bought it at Batson's Blade Symposium last year. When I find it I'll send it to you.