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    Whose knife failed

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    Two New Liner Locks

    Both are great but the 2nd if my fav
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    Howdy from good ol' Alabama

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    Greetings from the PNW

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    Starting An Elk Antler and Sanbar Stag Antler Knife

    Thanks for the WIP Dan. Cant wait to see it finished! Jason
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    Stepping into damascus

    Nice work Gruff!!
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    80CRV2 question

    I know it does not show a Hamon well. You can heat treat with "simple heat treat" but you might not get the full potential of the steel with out accurate time and temps.
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    Amboyna burl hunter...

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    Knife by Derek Lee

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    Another Ironwood Camp Bowie

    Nice work man!!
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    Finally got it done

    Nice grinder but I'm really digging that fly press in the last pic
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    Family Heriloom Ironwood Bowie

    Nice work!