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    Ben Breda, JS ~ Ebony Fighter

    Guys like me hope for the younger generation. Very clean work! Nice photo too, Caleb. Bob
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    W2, Koa and a little damascus, a hunter this time...

    Beautiful knife! Love your work John. Bob
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    I.C.C.E show in Kansas City

    I have been going non-stop since the show. Just found this thread and wanted to chime in. I too, had a great time and have already reserved a table for next year. I enjoyed talking with Justin, Anthony and many others from Knife Dogs. Calvin Robinson, Gene Baskett, and Jerry Moen were especially...
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    Working with Kirinite...

    I would not mix any Kirinite dust in with the super glue. The glue by itself will fill and hide small imperfections. There should not be any pinholes but I do occasionally find one. Be very careful with getting it hot, it will shrink. Bob
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    ICCE succeeds!

    I'm a little late to the party here but I want to say a big thank you to all that worked so hard to make this show a reality. I had a great time! I even sold a knife! The real value of the show was truly in the people. I mean come on, Gil Hibben asked me to watch his table! Had to keep Bruce...
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    Uh-oh, you let Travis and Jack pick the hotel? Might have to share the space with some livestock. Really looking forward to this show; so many great makers at one show! It will be incredible! Bob
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    unimaginable lathe

    The Emco Unimat lathes are good little machines. I believe they are Swiss made. You will always end up buying tooling regardless of the machine you get so that should just be expected. On my folders, I only use my lathe for turning thumbstuds from 1/4" and 3/16" stock. I know you said the...
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    New Member question: Why can't I see prices?

    Many makers will replace the asking price of the knife with the word "Sold" when the knife is no longer available. If a potential customer is looking at a sale ad from three years ago and wants to order a similar knife, they should not be expecting to pay the three year old price. Bob
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    What level of photo editing is too much?

    I have well over $10k in Speedotron and Elinchrom strobe lighting but, I like to TRY to keep things as simple as possible. I usually shoot my knives (when I'm not being lazy and using my cellphone) with window light through a scrim and fill with reflectors. I always place a Color Checker...
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    What level of photo editing is too much?

    I have been a serious amateur photographer most of my life and semi-pro for a couple years. This is an age old debate. My opinion is basically the same as Jess, you should only edit the (knife/product) photo in order to make it look more like what you see in person. Photography has limits and...
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    Titanium for folder, smaller quantity?

    You will know why selling smaller pieces isn't very practical as soon as you have cut out your first set. Cutting Ti=no fun...cutting thick Ti=miserable. Bob
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    Ken, in my experience, hand tapping almost always causes damage to the taps. They may look fine to the naked eye but, look at them under a loupe and you will find damage, usually in the leading edges of the cutting teeth. This damage can cause stress risers in the tap that will lead to further...
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    Lanyard beads.......Really?

    I've made a few Ti beads just to see how long it takes me to make them. Mine were pretty decent looking with some grooves turned in them and the hole flared at both ends. Took about an hour apiece to make and still need to be etched and anodized. Not worth it to me to sell individually but I...
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    Diving Knife

    I have an old Army buddy that owns a large maritime salvage company in New Orleans. He wanted to help me out when I first started getting into making knives and was looking into buying a large quantity of custom dive knives from me. He said his divers were well paid and loved spending money on...
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    What material? I run a Tapmatic 30x with 0-80 and 2-56 taps primarily in titanium. Your drill selection should be such that it will produce 50% threads in Ti unless it is very thin (<.040") then you can get away with 60-75%. I run my 30x at about 1500-1800 rpm. Use only spiral point taps and...