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    Damascus Integral Bird and Trout WIP

    Beautiful piece ! Look out Mr. Bruce bump, looks like compition ....
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    Couple of slip joint WIP

    Ryan --- you're killing me !!! Every picture you post gets better looking each time. Hope I can do it justice. Ken
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    Now I've made everything

    I have had the pleasure of engraving one of Chucks bronze folders & was very pleased with quality of his work.
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    Couple of slip joint WIP

    It's been a long wait but I'm chomping at the bit to get started on the engraving !!! Ryan, please call me at 910-221-5288 re. this project. Ken
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    The Newell .45 cal front loader

    Hi guys --- I'd like to thank you for your kind words re. the engraving. I would also like to advise that the pictures do, not do justice to the workmanship of Mr. Bruce ! I used certain motifs & similar banknote scroll on both knife and pistol so that the two would match. Also used a...
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    Couple of slip joint WIP

    Congrats on one hellofa knife , you should be very proud !! Also, congrats on being interesting enough to build up a 23 page following ................
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    Prayers please.

    I believe there is power in prayer --- I'll include your wife in my prayers.
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    5th Knife. Silver wire inlay

    big time congrats Mr. Josh ---- not only is the work well executed but, your design is well done. Also, the tendrils are well thought out & drawn --- smooth & without corners/lumps interupting the spiraling flow.
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    Late yesterday afternoon, I lost my wife and best friend. She passed away in her sleep while I was in the shop working. I ask those of you who are believers to to pray for God almighty to bring her soul into his presence & give her a place in heaven. Thanks, Ken
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    Not your everyday piece of rebar

    Thanks guys --- I'm open to talk knife engraving if any of y'all are interested.
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    Engraved fighter

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank all for their kind words. I did work hard at trying to design something special for Mr. Greg's client. If anyone is interested in discussing an engraving project for themselves, I'd be happy to talk to them about it. I'm almost always in the shop...
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    Couple of slip joint WIP

    Good clean picture Mr. Dave. I hope you do continue to collect pictures & post them --- good or bad, they will serve as a learning tool for many. You can show your success's as well as your mistakes & how they were acchieved. This is definitely a teaching aid for all. Remember, "your focus is...
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    Couple of slip joint WIP

    Dave, I encouraged Ryan to do something like this and many have benefited from his WIP. Ryan is mostly self taught as I understand -- learned thru his mistakes ---- which is a great person to learn from. We are all sorry about his illness but, as you said, you now have time to better absorb the...
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    Work in progress

    Good lines, flows well ---- in short, a fine looking knife that anyone ehould be proud to own.
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    Feather pattern fighter forged in a can.

    Allways a pleasure to see this knife !