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    Weird Gun Kote/Etch problem

    Just out of curiosity, how bad of a smell does curing the gun-kote create? Just wondering if my wife would kill me if I cured it in the kitchen oven?
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    Shaping Handles?

    I started with a 2x42 and used it for about 2 1/2 years before I broke down and bought a 2x72. It is really fast. You have to use light pressure when grinding to make sure you don't burn anything (including steel!). I mainly used the 2x42 to remove the bulk of the material, then used files...
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    KDs Best of 2020....

    Even though 2020 was a miserable year, I feel like I made a lot of progress as a bladesmith this year. Here are what I think were my best from this year:
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    GKimmi's 2020 KITH

    I really like that. I haven't tried doing that type of handle construction yet.
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    Desert Ironwood Hunter

    Some of you may remember me posting about getting bit stuck in block of ironwood. Here was my solution: My first mortise tang knife! Had been wanting to try one for a while. I actually really like the results. This handle should be indestructible. Desert Ironwood Hunter. 1075 4 3/4" blade...
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    Stitching tool ?

    I'm probably a gluten for punishment, but I punch the top layer to give me my starter hole, then drill the rest of the way through. This is after gluing, sanding the layers even, and putting a stitching groove on the top side. I tried using a stitching wheel, but found I like having the...
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    Christmas gift idea help?

    I've started making these Blacksmith Crosses for Christmas gifts. They are actually quite easy to make.
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    Sheath Glue.

    Barge also. I also have Tanner's and some Master contact cement. I primarily use the Barge, just because it's a bigger container, really. I put Vaseline on the threads to help the container stay sealed, and keep the lid from glueing to the container. I rarely use any clamps on leather. I've...
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    Koa Commemorative Knife

    Thanks! It is. First time I had that done.
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    Koa Commemorative Knife

    Thank you. I really liked this one. May have to do some more in this style.
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    Koa Commemorative Knife

    Koa Commemorative Knife 1084 5 13/16" blade, 10 11/16" OAL 416SS guard Stabilized Koa handle ** Eagle Scout emblem used with the express written consent of the Boy Scouts of America**
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    What's going on in your shop?

    First view of a finished set. I'll take photos later, but wanted to show this one. Came together pretty well. This is going to be a present to a young man getting his Eagle Scout next weekend. The father wanted a custom message on the sheath. **Eagle Scout emblem used with the express...
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    What's going on in your shop?

    Starting a couple of new hunter designs today.
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    Widenening twist damascus billet?

    Just throwing out a suggestion I have seen some smiths do. You could do multiple twists, and forge weld them together to get the width you want. Once you get that width, you could cut slices off, kind of like a feather pattern billet. I think Jerry Fisk has a video on doing this.
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    Brass black pins

    Those are camo G10 scales. I generally just hand sand to 2500, and a very light buff on a buffing wheel. G10 will burn on a buffing wheel so you have to be very careful not to get it hot. I think I just used pink no scratch to buff it. Since this one, I've started using the Ultrex Suretouch...