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    Blade show 2019 report

    Totally agree on both points! I had not gotten my tickets before the class, so I was rushing to get them and get inside to check out the show. I will definitely say hi next year if I see you.
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    Blade show 2019 report

    Hey, Tracy. Set across from you at the Folders class, and saw you at the Bar-B-Que place Saturday night. Hope you had a good time. I know I did. Casey
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    Help with an old military knife collection...

    I have a friend who's father passed away and had a pretty large collection of military style bayonets and knifes. Does anyone have any recommendations on someone who could potentially give estimates of values on a collection? I have no experience with the knife collection side of the house...
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    Gents liner lock WIP

    That's really going to look sharp!
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    Just wanted to update everyone

    Sorry to hear that Ed. Was looking forward to seeing you again. Get yourself well, and there is always next year.
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    Knife Steel Nerd - AEBL testing

    I love his articles. They really explain the science behind the steels.
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    Photo Layering on a new knife

    I used Gimp. There's video's on Youtube to show how to do the layering. I had another one that was more seamless. This one still shows a little line down the middle. The other didn't show shadows on the handle shot, so I stayed with the shadows. It's all a learning process!
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    Photo Layering on a new knife

    I'm trying a layering technique to see how that looks. Please give some feedback and suggestions. I'm consistently trying to adjust my photography techniques. This is a new style knife I'm trying. Stock removal stonewashed 1084 with multi-cam G10 scales.
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    What's going on in your shop?

    Just for info, if you go to Ernie Grospitch's site, he lists a power supply. I got lucky and found a crazy cheap deal on it. It's a really good power supply.
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    Damascus & carved blackwood

    Wow, John. That really looks spectacular.
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    Baffle Pipe Thickness

    I use a 2" square tube (16 Gauge, 0.065" thick), and it works well. However, it does lose thickness due to scale. I currently only use it to heat treat W2 in order to do a soak at temperature. For 1084, I don't use it at all.
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    Coal Iron Works forging presses

    Gene, you might also check out Riverside Machine. I don't have either, but know people who have both presses. The Riverside Machine is cheaper, but I can't speak for quality of either.
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    Kanca Anvils

    Centaur Forge has a 9% off sale on Kanca Anvils going right now. I have the 110lb anvil and love it. Wanted to pass along in case anyone was currently looking for a good deal on an anvil.
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    Fun Year!

    And my newest knife......
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    Fun Year!

    Facebook just showed me that I forged my first forged knife a year ago today. I had done stock removal for about a year before that. Wanted to post that, and my most recent knife. Hopefully, I'll continue to improve over the next year like I did this year.