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    Fake Scammer Instagram Sites

    So far I have found smith_blades_knives, blacksmith70, and Dresharper as sites that had obvious knives from other makers. You may want to check your follower list for these and block them so they can't copy any of your pictures.
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    Fake Scammer Instagram Sites

    I just got followed by this user smith_blades_knives on Instagram. After looking at their website, I saw one of Lin Rhea's Bowie's and one of Bob Kramer's commercial chef knives listed for sale on their site. I let Lin know, and he actually DM'd the guy to ask how much for the knife. The guy...
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    African Blackwood Hunter

    John, that tip bugged me so much that I finally reground the tip today and got it back to a sharp tip. Had to go back and resand everything, but it looks much better now.
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    Grizzly Height Gauge

    It's well worth the money. With shipping, it was like $63. Along with a surface plate, it's pretty invaluable. I just wish I had gotten this one to begin with.
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    Grizzly Height Gauge

    Let me start off by saying wow. About a year and a half ago, I tried to buy a Grizzly 6" height gauge. They were back ordered, and I waited 6 months and finally gave up. Bought a $50 height gauge off of Amazon. Little did I know the difference. Having a carbide scriber is HUGE. Just got...
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    Walnut Bird and Trout Knife

    Walnut Bird and Trout Knife 1075 Blade 416SS guard Stabilized walnut handle with 416SS pin.
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    What's going on in your shop?

    Just finished this one up. Quick video of how it turned out. Hopefully everyone can see it.
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    What's going on in your shop?

    Need to touch up the hand sanding, then glue this one up. I'll fine tune everything once it's glued. Different from my normal ones, but kind of liking it.
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    Preventing Decarb during HT?

    I have mentioned on a couple of posts that the ATP-641 does prevent decarb. I've done a couple of knives now and went straight to hand sanding on everything but the bevels.
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    Graphite spray...

    Hey, Steve. I had a post a couple of weeks ago about using ATP-641 anti-scale for the first time. I was looking for the same solution. I wanted to be able to hand sand my ricasso to 220 before heat treat, and not get any decarb that would require grinding after ht. I got good results from...
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    A quick reference for steel selection

    There is also a site called Knife Steel Nerds, which is produced by Larrin Thomas, who is a steel metallurgist, and knife enthusiast. It is a wealth of information on knife steel material science. Larrin does extensive research on all of the different knife steels, and appears to be fairly...
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    First "Tactical" Frame Handle Knife

    Parkerized 1075 Blade with Frame Handle Parkerized mild steel guard Black Micarta frame with Camo Ultrex Suretouch G10 Scales 416SS pins
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    African Blackwood Hunter

    I wouldn't say intended. I might have rounded the tip slightly during sharpening. However, I have generally made my drop point hunters with a little softer tip, and my straight back hunters with a little more aggressive tip. I wanted this one to be more of a slicer for skinning, so I had the...
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    Knife #666- canister damascus subhilt

    That's a good looking knife. Nice job.
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    African Blackwood Hunter

    African Blackwood Hunter 1075 Blade with a radiused spine 416SS guard, black G10 and fluted 416SS spacers African Blackwood handle with a 416SS pin