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    Need ideas for a double sheath for a hunting, caper set

    I did a couple of double sheaths a while back Chris:)
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    Other Leather Goods

    Just thought I'd share this pic I do these as a way of using up offcuts Chris :)
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    First post

    So have I Lance ;) A warm welcome to KD Chris :)
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    My Knives Scales are Falling Off...

    Sound advice I've read somewhere that there shouldn't be any need to key the surfaces but I always do. I drill a few extra holes and 'dimple' the surface with the drill and often use a dremmel to grind a few lines in the surface. I try and get surfaces as clean as possible, using acetone or...
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    Basketweave stamp problems

    I think most points have already been covered. I did a sheath with that pattern and found that I had to put a mark on the handle of the stamp (where I put my thumb) making sure that I always used the stamp the same way. I didn't do that when I first tried and found that the stamp couldn't have...
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    Need advice about removing handles

    Fred, can I suggest that you place the handle in a pan of boiling water for 10 - 15 mins. You should then be able to punch out the pins and with a second boil, lift off the scales. Chris :)
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    PM from Serendipity

    Me :mad: Spammer! No posts but has had at least 30 visits from members who I suspect, received a pm and then tried to check out who he is ban1 Chris :)
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    Ironwood Giveaway.

    I'm in and thanks for the generous offer and chance. Chris:)
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    North to Alaska

    I'm not surprised. That's a lovely piece of work Chris :)
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    **Logo Contest**

    Well done "Frstr8", nice work Chris :)
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    **Logo Contest**

    Here are the changes you asked for Jake Hope you find what works for you Jake and good luck to the other entrants Chris :)
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    **Logo Contest**

    Thanks for getting in touch Jake It's just a bit of fun for me If I get the chance, I'll give it another go but please don't wait on me. Sorry this causing you stress and I hope you can get things sorted to everyone's satisfaction (including yours) Never expected to gain anything from this...
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    One for christmas

    Very nice indeed Geoff Lovely grind on the blade and the handle work is its normal superb standard. Well done mate and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours Chris :)
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    **Logo Contest**

    It's a bit simple, but then again, so am I :D Chris :)
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    Post Vise

    We call that a 'leg vice' here in the UK. You could try for some advice ''Some of these vises were made by specialists such as Atwood of Stourbridge England, Columbian in the U.S. and others were made in anvil manufacturing plants such as Mousehole Forge and Peter Wright in...