You guys want to see my latest knife

Bruce McLeish

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Mark, how DARE you show an abomination like that here? Why that's absolute heresy. In order to atone for such an outrage, you need to send it directly to me and delete that pornography from this esteemed forum.
I'll be ashamed to take it, but I'm a good guy that looks out for other forum members.
All kidding aside, that is an absolute beauty. I could tell one of your knives from across the room. Well done, well done.

Mark Knapp

Dealer - Purveyor you do your own engraving? This is an amazing knife!
Yes I do, thank you. I went to the GRS School for a week. This is the 5th or 6th knife I have engraved. I highly suggest the school if anyone is interested in learning to engrave.


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Beautiful knife! One thing that stands out to me is how the reflection in the blade enhances the guard, both the engraving in it and the border around the ricasso which is also a nice touch. I hadn't expected a damascus blade to reflect anything. I'm sure it's even nicer seen in person. Thanks for showing.