What's going on in your shop?

Why, thank you sir! That pile of kitchen knives was two straight days of profiling. I don't want to profile anything else for a long time. I'll tell you what- I TOTALLY GET the value in having blanks water jetted now. Thanks again for turning me on to the VSM belts. I did all of those with a single 36grit and dressed them up with another single 60grit. That's about ten bucks total in belts to profile 26 blanks. And it's not like I threw the belts out- they're still good enough for rough work and the 60 is good enough for rough shaping handle material, since all it had to do was square up the rough 36grit cut along the profiles.

That's the first time I've used bocote. That's a wood that will fool you, huh? It's ugly as sin as a blank block, but by the time you sand on it some it gets really nice to look at and the color turns considerably lighter. The guy I'm making that knife for is crazy about it, which makes me very happy.

Hey John,
Can you tell me more about the VSM belts, I don't think I heard of them, I've been using the belts from (....and as usual these days, my mind
[FONT=&amp]just [/FONT]went blank)! Anyway, the results I've been getting from those, (I want to say I got them from a guy I initially found on eBay, then found that he had a Facebook page, It GOES something LIKE, ("HIS NAME) THE KNIFE MAKERS FRIEND", and I'm ashamed I can't recall his name, super NICE guy, very helpful, anyway the best I can recall and PLEASE DON'T HOLD ME TO any of this, as it is to the BEST of what I recall, ANY OF THIS, THE NAME OF THE COMPANY, THE NAME OF THE GUY, I'M SURE I WOULD RECALL IT IF I HEARD IT, BUT SO FAR, MY MEMORY IS COMING UP WITH NOTHING! Which isn't a new problem, just one that's getting worse by the day! It's a constant problem, I can't even recall my HT process for the most used steels, fortunately I listened to someone that said a long time ago that is was a great idea to have a diary of the most important things you do, like your HT process, if it weren;t for that I would be starting OVER! The process's I've used over the past 9 or 10'ish years! For every steel I'd successfully HT'd, if it hadn't been for the advice I'd gotten to start that diary, ("I'd say ALMOST ALL the technical experience and informatiion I'd gained over all these years would have been lost!) It's so crazy even in conversation, I try to pull a word up and nothing's there, when I'm typing an email, I usually have to look up a word I'm trying to use, it's gotten pretty pathetic, I would have to say! I've been quiet for a long time, as I've not been able to work in the shop very much at all, over these last few years. Although, every once in a while I do go out there, sometimes I just sit there looking at the walls, taking in the smells, that I love so much, sometimes that's enough to motivate me to get some work done, but one day of work ends up in a month or more of not working in the shop, i'm still working my full time job, as that is what keeps the bills paid! I still lurk on here a lot, but I've just been quiet, reading about all these amazing knives I get to see on here! As I was saying about the belts I'm using, is that I've been getting amazing results with them, if I could only recall the name of the company! Is there a Phoenix Abrasives (Co.), out there? Never mind, I don't think that's right either, anyway, can you give me some more info on the VSM Belts, I'm not exactly looking into changing, but I'm always on the lookout for equipment that will make my work better and/or save money in the process! I'm game for that! THANKS! And your work is looking amazing! You've come a long way in a short time with your skillz! Looking forward to hearing from you, Rex
My wife found these on Craigslist. I did not think that a mill or lathe were something that I would have purchased any time soon. But a guy picked these up from a retired gunsmith and had no use for them. View attachment 59907
Mini mill, lathe, stand, and all the tooling for $850. It was a deal that could not be past up.

nice!! you can't let a deal like that go by

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Hey John,
Can you tell me more about the VSM belts, I don't think I heard of them

And your work is looking amazing! You've come a long way in a short time with your skillz! Looking forward to hearing from you, Rex

thank you for the kind words!

I get the VSM belts from TruGrit.com

Laurence (Rhino Knives) turned me on to them- and they are awesome and priced just right. They only go up to 120 grit. For 220 I go to a Trizact Gator A65.

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Finished the family history gift for my nephews bday/Christmas.
Sharpening this lil headache later today, and then its time to wrap it up for him.
I do want to thank many of the makers,master smiths,and fellow KMD (Knife Making Disorder lol) sufferers for all the tips,pointers,extra set of eyes, as well as the few who have shared little trivial things from their shop to me to get started into this hobby/obsession of mine.
I am still working on the leather working skills. Lolz.
I've got a little down time at work so I've been catching up on this thread and thought I would share what's going on in my shop. I have been busy with custom orders for the past few years and am coming down to the end of my list and am looking forward to taking my hobby in a bit of a different direction. I have lots of ideas rattling around in my head for new builds and can't wait to get through the Christmas push and make them more than just ideas. Here are a few of my recent works.


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Very nice stuff Matt! I always like checking out your pics on the other social media outlets too. Good job Walt, feels good to finish one up. Me? Still not working on knives, just shop improvements. One of the things I knew that I had to get eventually was a bigger compressor. So, I'm dry-walling and framing, but not sure what the "future" compressor dimensions would be. Not sure where to run wiring, etc. I started getting worried that the spot I had framed up for a compressor and dust collector was too small. Took a tape measure to Lowes, HD, and Tractor Supply to see what was available. Surprise! Tractor Supply had this on their black Friday ad, starting today! It's a 2 stage 80 gallon. So, I pulled the trigger. The little guy next to it I've had since 1996. It's been rebuilt once and is still going ok, just not enough air.
Finished another blade made from the heirloom Damascus made from grandads workbench bolts.

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What's not going on in my shop...did I read that right?

Happy Thanksgiving fellow KnifeDogs!

Well, here's what's not going on in my shop today- The power Hammer project got 'bumped for a few days, and is now waiting patiently outside!
...but for a more important "project".

Power Hammer Outside - Resized.jpg

Seems that our family has outgrown our living room (a long time ago). Consequently, the shop will be filled this afternoon with a loud, but very thankful bunch of people, big and small. It just doesn't get any better than that, this side of heaven. I've grumbled for a lot of years about our small living room, but on days like today, I am extremely thankful for all my family and friends- and this humble shop- not only to do what comes natural for me in there, but also for the times it can keep everyone one warm on a cold Thanksgiving Day.
And, I am mostly thankful that my Creator reached down about forty years ago and lifted me up- made me a new creature and set me on a better path! I hope it's okay to post this outside of the Christian forum (it's what's happening in my shop, right?). Just want to remind everyone to hold your loved ones close- we are not guaranteed another chance to do so- and be thankful for what you do have, today and every day! Someone out there has much less than you or I do. Remember them, too.

Shop Thanksgiving - Resized.jpg
I'm also thankful for all of you here!

:42:Happy Thanksgiving!
I made myself a grinding jig by slotting some angle iron and making a clamp out of 1/2" square tubing. Works great.

Nice big blade there Andrew.
Here is the blade for the iron wood to be soon stinking up the shop. Hehe
My daughters boyfriends wanting to learn how to make a few knives for his family members.

Oooooohhhhh damascus. Im really liking the looks of the patterns in the blanks. I have a blade profile similar to the one on the right.
Brown micarta pins in the black canvas scales? Andrew I think your getting the hang of this hobby.
Pimped out a very old rusted cleaver
It was very pitted used electrolysis for the rust. If I can find the pic before I started I'll post it it was a mess.
Oooooohhhhh damascus. Im really liking the looks of the patterns in the blanks. I have a blade profile similar to the one on the right.
Brown micarta pins in the black canvas scales? Andrew I think your getting the hang of this hobby.

They are cleaning up nicely after heat treatment. Ready to hand sand and put some handles on.


Working on another camp knife


My daughter working on a blank.


Handle time with a matching ferro rod


Productive day.
Grinding the lock bar and lock face on my second knife.

You can see my ghetto jig for the lock face

I know my shop is a mess. Cleaning is next on the list...or at least somewhere on the list. :lol:


Just finished this one...M390 blade, .090" Ti liners, Blue Shred CF scales, Blue CF/G10 bolsters, caged bearings, blue anno on the liners and clip.

Trying to get ready for Christmas, spent yesterday heat treating (including straightening during the tempering
) and today grinding and etching....
I keep trying things outside my comfort zone with the two on the right including an integral bolster and one fully Damascus knife, not sure I'll do that again....