What's everyone working one?


I hope to. If I can get all the bugs worked out. Man there is a lot of fitting.

Dave from Diller
My JS preformance test knives after a rough grind

Here we go. This is the one that I had on my bench.

Rusty give us some updates as you go along. My only advice grind them thin.

Dave from Diller


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Here's what I'm starting the New Year with. I'm almost out of forged blades, but this should keep me busy for awhile.

Dave from Diller


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Hey Dave,

Maybe you can get all of them done and bring them to our Shop Tour on January 22nd!

Congrats' on the article in The March 2011 Blade Magazine!!! I always knew that you were someone who needed watching! :lol:

Only 25, I must of lost one some where. I came up with 26 when I walked around the shop this morning. The things are multiplying faster than I can get them done.


Man that W pattern blade is outstanding but I can't get around the guard and butt cap. WOW!!!

Dave from Diller
WOW! Steve,

That knife is a knock out. You really outdid yourself on that one.
But for all that I think your WIP/Tutorial page is at least as great a piece of work. Absolutely dynamite layout and photos. We can all use your page as a school. Thanks.
Here's one from the table.

Dave from Diller


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