What's everyone working one?


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Let's see what everyone is working on.

I know some of us are getting ready for the blade show. Let's see something cool. Steve?

Or any ole thing you got lying on the bench or have been working on.

Here's one I just finished up for the local Bike show. Every year I donate a knife to help out the local ABATE district.

It's Harley primary chain and chain saw chain with a curly maple handle.

Dave from Diller


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LOL!!! Thanks for having faith in me to have something "cool" to show! But, I will only have three knives on my table at Blade; two hunters and a slip-joint folder. One hunter is just 1084 with African blackwood handle slabs.

I just finished building a damascus hunter yesterday. It is going to my engraving shop this morning.

The piece that I wanted to have at Blade isn't going to get finished. It is a large damascus dagger. The handle is a wrapped handle in the San Francisco style, made from steel, and will have abalone inserts. The guard is sculptured steel. The entire knife will be hot blued. Maybe I can have it done for the AG Russell show.

I'll post some photos here when I get the engraving done on the hunter.
Here's a couple of more projects: one big with curly maple and a hamon, then some tomahawks.

Dave from Diller


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Engraved Hunter

Okay, here it is.

W-pattern damascus blade, mammoth ivory handle, my engraving. This one will be at the Blade Show.


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Looks good Steve. That engraving looks nice.

Come on guys a long weekend is here. Surely someones going to make it to the shop. Take your camera. I want to see what's on your bench.

Dave from Diller
Heres a Joe Keeslar style knife and a 22" machete.




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Hi all. Nice work someday i hope to get as good as you all.. Tell then ill keep plugging away..

Have several knives that would look good on this page, but good old farm boy Harv can't figure out how to attach them.

See you at the Blade Show.

Where is everybody staying


We're staying down the road a piece at the days inn.

We'll see you there.

Dave from Diller
In progress

This is my first damascus blade that welded throughout, it is forty layers of 1095 and 15n20.-


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Steve H. nice lookin' damascus blade. Steve C. I love the engraving on the guard, looks great. Wish I was at the show with you boys. Phil
Heres one I just finished up. Its a tactical design made with mosaic damascus forged by Randy Jr. of HHH Knives. From a bar to a blade to a finished knife!

I dubbed it TactiCOOL!

The blade is forged from 15 n 20 and 1095 steel
The handle is Ivory mircarta, with Ebony cross inlay!

This one was fun to make..


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Steve, That looks really good.

HHH, That's a nice looking knife and the cross inlay is outstanding

Dave from Diller
Steve, very nice damascus!!!

Randy, I really like your knife. Great damascus and clean inlay!!

I thought Sloan's face was going to crack with all of the grinnin' he did in Atlanta. :D
Here's what I've got on the bench now. You can't tell it from the pic but the blade is 280 layers of Damacus. The handle is mammoth ivory with stainless frame and spacers. It will have a total of ten parts and 15 hidden pins.

Dave from Diller


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