What is a good all around oil to use on knives?

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WD40 only has 2 uses, in this order:
1) spray on fishing lures (it works!)
And when nothing else is available,
2) cutting lubricant on aluminum
Other than those uses, I never spray it on any machined surface.
Yeah the wd40 I'm referencing is not normally wd40... It's wd40 specialist long term corrosion inhibitor. ;)

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I use wd40 lcti... In my testing it's one of the best
In your tests sir did you try anything food safe? If so did anything work well?
It is disappointing to see that mineral oil which is what I use did not do too well.


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I have been using Fluid Film for years I also use it on my guns.
It is one of the best lubricants and anti rust oils I have found.