What are your favorite blade steels? Why?

Why AEB-L? We have two whole generations that are used to floating their Ginsu knives in a sink full of water....'Nuff said...lol.


Knife nuts are a rare breed. The average person these days has no idea that knives rust. A few day ago a friend of mine was doing the 20-questions thing and asking all about knives... then asked me if "knife x" could go in the dishwasher.

"Dishwasher... uh, why would you put it in the dishwasher?"

- how else would I clean it?

"Uh, wipe it with a wet sponge and dry it off..."

- that will clean it?

"What are you cutting, tar? Roof shingles? I mean what the actual ... ... ... ...."

It was at that moment that I realized he needs a set of Miracle Blades for $30
It is a funny thing but true. People do not appreciate anything unless they pay (an appropriate price) for things. I am a professional in business and I learnt many years back that if your charges appear too cheap compared with like, then your work is not appreciated and you lose clients. Look at brand name hand bags. You can pay over $200k for them and you have to wait.

A mate of mine passed on a great saying from his famous uncle. He was a stock man from the high country in Victoria (Australia). The saying goes:
'You will remember the quality, long after you have forgotten the price'.

It is very true. Cheers, from Oze.
"It was at that moment that I realized he needs a set of Miracle Blades for $30"

Lol...possibly....sometimes (this is what we all hope for...) you put a good blade in the hands of a clueless person and they realize that something is different! This tool in their hand is actually feeding back information to them! They can actually feel it cutting and the sensation is pleasurable! Suddenly they are at one with the universe, the cutting board, the fresh veggy and the blade....the surprised look is similar to someone coming out of a cave into the sunlight for the first time ever.....

Our responsibility is to keep them from going back into the cave.....recidivism is high and the wonder easily forgotten....