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Steve Culver

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Welcome to the Kansas Custom Knifemakers Association Forum!

On behalf of the KCKA, I wish to thank Tracy and KnifeDogs.com for granting us space on this site.

Although this forum is established primarily for use of the KCKA membership, we welcome all questions and comments concerning the KCKA organization and its members.

The Kansas Custom Knifemakers Association, Inc. (KCKA) is a nonprofit organization with membership throughout the USA. KCKA members include Knifemakers, Suppliers, Collectors, and Purveyors of custom knives. All forms of knifemaking are welcome as well as all persons who work in knife related crafts.

The mission of the KCKA is to expand awareness of the art and science of handcrafted knives, to provide an educational forum for the exchange of ideas, techniques and innovations, and to promote the outstanding craftsmanship and representational interests of its membership.

Andy Garrett

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Guys, I just found Diller, Nebraska on the map last night.

Could that town be any smaller? lol Dang Dave, where the heck do you buy groceries? Where's the Taco Bell?!

All kidding aside, I'm looking forward to shop tour. If the weather permits (and if I do indeed get to attend) I plan to make it a bike trip!

have a great day fellas!


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In Diller we actually blow out the street lights and roll up the sidewalks at 7.

On a side note we have 2 of the largest business's in Jefferson county. Followed by one of the largest meat processing plants in the area.

Yeah you need to ride up. We could actually start a bike show on the corresponding date.

Dave from Diller

Ed Day

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Groceries, Taco Bell? No, Andy, the food of choice are nuuuuuuuuuuuttttssss lmao.. Really its a nice town and nicer people....

Ed form kansas 2thumbs

Phil Evans

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Welcome to the pack, I have really learned a lot from the members of this forum. It is a great site.

Gary B

Hamon Dog
Welcome to Knifedogs guys. I am really glad to see we have our own forum here at Knifedogs. I'll see some of you this weekend at the Chisolm trail show.