Unknown military knife


I found this knife in one of my Father's boxes.

My Father was a Corpsman from 1937 to 1957 and he never shared anything about it. Never spoke about his time in the military.

I do not see any markings.

Any ideas?

The blade looks like a navy pike blade with a swept back hilt cast as part of the blade.

The handle is made up of stacked leather washers.

The handle ends in a rounded metal cap.

Over all length: 13 inches,

Blade length: 7-3/16 inches

Blade width (at widest) 1-3/8 inches

Grip length: 4-1/2 inches


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Hmmm?:les: Interesting, it looks like there was some rewrapping of the handle. Its not a Fairborn/Sykes.

Can't be of much help? Did your father serve in the Pacific or Europe, CBI?

Freeman Longhunter

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Looks like a theater knife....meaning that it was made in country by the Serviceman who carried it. There were thousands and thousands of theater knives made in all the wars. They were made from anything you can think or they could get their hands on. Bayonets, swords, aircraft scrap, vehicle scrap... You name it. They are really collectible folk art in a sense. I have seen a lot of them and they are really valued in the eye of the beholder....most hold more sentimental value because they were carried by a family member.......very cool!!