Two hander WIP

Sam Salvati

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After seeing that big two handed chopper that my friend John posted, and looking for the old Lady Gertrude sword pictures it got me wanting to do a big 2 hander like that for myself, forged this one tonight from some 5160. The blade will be a bit more curved after I have done the bevels, and the tang will also maybe. Modeled slightly after the big two handed short polearms the guys with big ears used in Lord of the Rings :)


Love me some 5160, fell out of favor in late 80s , pushed aside for super steels in 90s, and generally got sneered at by most folks other than Hammer Slammers BUT, making a comeback all over.
Tough as can be, built for abuse, great stuff.:)
are you going to quench that in a bathtub or horse trough? :p
Hey Sam , looks like a Japanese naginata . I quenched mine in a long chicken feeder . I still like 5160 . I have been working with some 9260 a cousin to 5160 . real tough , makes good swords and takes a great hamon . nice work . like to see finished product ...... Bubba