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Nice interpretation. What grit do you finish to? I can always tell your work because of the uniform finish on the blades.
My last finish pass is with a blue "fine" Beartex. I make every attempt to only use the scotchbrite for applying the finish pass. I've been thinking of going up to very fine.

I finish the ricasso area before I grind the blade. The scotchbrite allows for a light clean up pass to keep it uniform with the bevels.
I'm posting this particular simple little bushcrafter, not because it's special, but because it was my first international sale. And it was all the way international, nearly clear on the opposite side of the globe to New Zealand. Should I change my name from Steadfast Handcrafted Knives, to Steadfast Handcrafted Knives, Int'l.? :)

My "bushcrafter" model was always meant to emulate the puukko idea. Not in the "purist's notion" of what makes a puukko a puukko, but to my notion that a puukko is just a handy sized belt knife that gets used for most any task that you need a knife for. And my version is FFG like God intended. Here is a hidden tang version that is real close dimensionally to my full tang knife. Ironwood and german silver. 105F6DF4-6D79-4B43-9FB8-DADE3203E05B.jpeg3AD50E71-7EC6-4F3F-9D6B-BB337FCFC219.jpeg8A71FD0E-CDE2-46BA-BC92-E68D2685D369.jpegB5CF732E-E9E3-4666-82D9-AD0B9009C3C1.jpeg