Tkroenlein Photo Gallery

Are those really thick liners, or are they two colors of micarta on top of each other? They look good.
1/8" liners. That natural canvas on the last one is from Boss, and it especially pleasing to my eye. Dark on the edges and butterscotchy in the middle.
I had a 'rona day off work cuz my wife got a chest cold and I had to wait for her test to come back negative. So I did a round tang blacksmith knife for funsies. Much easier to get and keep straight than a twisted handle. 2 3/4" blade. I did a scary small amount of finish grinding. It's like practice helps. DFADFC0D-D4E6-4C2C-AC22-41BF0A2ECBC2.jpeg
Whole batch of lovelies there! Those green liners really pop with those handles. All your sheath work is very clean and classy looking....good job!
So the fella that grabbed the little blacksmith knife ended up wanting a "set." He specified a wide 2" straight back blade and a 3" handle for a necker, and a 5"-6" trailing point with a 4 1/2" handle that was 1 1/2" wide at the butt for a "yard, garden and woods" knife. Both in are 1075. The handles got a lot easier after I made a bottle opener and was forced to figure out how to use the horn to shape round things. FA1DAD8A-D8AD-4CB4-990D-AF9C0F62F959.jpegF4FE9728-00E3-4313-9CD2-41779F429934.jpeg