This one might have been a little ambitious

Doug Lester

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You can stick your blade in a can of wet sand to spot draw the temper on the tang. Another way is to get some carbide bits. Some people have had good luck with the carbide bits that the hardware stores sell to drill ceramics.


Windom Armory

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So this came out nothing like what I saw in my head. Over all i think it will be a "decent" knife. Still needs a few finish coats on the handle. When it is done and I can get some better pics I will repost. PLEASE critique anything that you see wrong. I have pitched out some flaws but may be missing something.6866168662

Von Gruff

The only thing that I would mention is the cross hatching of sanding on the left side of the blade and it appears as if there might be a couple of small notches between the heel of the blade and the ricasso.

Windom Armory

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The cross hatch is actually just bad lighting overhead. I'm going to try to clean up the notches with a dremel and hope it comes out without damage.