The Blue Fire Bowie

Bruce Bump

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Heres the freshest bowie from my shop.
It has dual mosaic damascus, 1018 one piece frame handle, sambar amber dyed stag, Jere Davidson engraving with gold wire inlays, 24 kt gold plated spacer, gold pins and a Claude Scott elephant inlaid custom sheath. Forgot to mention the hot gun blue job.

Bruce that knife is just beautiful. There are very few knifemakers that have a style all their own and I think in the knife world today you are at the top of that list in style and craftsmanship, every knife you make seems greater then the last one. You set the bar VERY high and VERY few can even come close to that bar. Great knife..
Thanks much Gentlemen, You too KT :)
I'm also making a brother to this one that is nearly finished. It is made with the same dual damascus bars but this one has the 1084 >mix on the edge and the other has the 1084 >mix on the spine. Thats the neat thing about forging 2 damascus billets at once, you get two bowies. :)
That is, and I don't use this word often, spectacular!
I agree with Jim Coffee… your knives have "face"