Support for Houston area knife makers - Seeking donations, info

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I have amended this a bit to include part time knife makers. Their loss is just as real.
On another note, I used the phrase "brother knife makers", this is not meant to exclude female knife makers.


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Thank you for amending to include part time folks - that was the one thing that sorta jumped out at me. You run a CLASS operation!!! Knives are being packed and should be shipped Sat..... or Monday at very latest.

Ken H>

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We are seeking names of those affected by Harvey. If you know of someone impacted, let us know.


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Two things:

1. We expect it will take some time to identify knife makers that can use this. We need your help in identifying candidates. Please send me a PM or email direct to
2. We will expand this to Florida after Irma hits.


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I'm interested in knowing who the other Houston area knifemakers are. I can't find any local guys to chat up.

I'm in Houston, but we were not affected, luckily.