Support for Houston area knife makers - Seeking donations, info

Discussion in 'Knife Dogs Main Forum' started by BossDog, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. KenH

    KenH Well-Known Member

    Great idea - I'll send a pair of kitchen knives, a small petty and matching paring type knife. I'll get those in mail early next week.

    Ken H>
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  2. BossDog

    BossDog & Owner

    I have amended this a bit to include part time knife makers. Their loss is just as real.
    On another note, I used the phrase "brother knife makers", this is not meant to exclude female knife makers.
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  3. KenH

    KenH Well-Known Member

    Thank you for amending to include part time folks - that was the one thing that sorta jumped out at me. You run a CLASS operation!!! Knives are being packed and should be shipped Sat..... or Monday at very latest.

    Ken H>
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  4. BossDog

    BossDog & Owner

    We are seeking names of those affected by Harvey. If you know of someone impacted, let us know.

  5. BossDog

    BossDog & Owner

    Two things:

    1. We expect it will take some time to identify knife makers that can use this. We need your help in identifying candidates. Please send me a PM or email direct to
    2. We will expand this to Florida after Irma hits.
  6. franklin

    franklin Well-Known Member

    For there sake I hope not. (Florida knife makers ) stay safe guys.
  7. Justin Presson

    Justin Presson Well-Known Member

    Can we send material? Like some bars of steel or something?
  8. BossDog

    BossDog & Owner

  9. J. Hoffman

    J. Hoffman Dealer - Purveyor

    You have a knife inbound. You should have it by Friday or Saturday.
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  10. CustomerServiceBeth

    CustomerServiceBeth Super Moderator

    We are going to extend the auctions an additional 2 weeks for each one.
  11. CustomerServiceBeth

    CustomerServiceBeth Super Moderator

    I will be in contact with the winning bidders over the next few days for the auctions that have ended.

    Thank you for all those that participated!!!
  12. bodam

    bodam Well-Known Member

    I'm interested in knowing who the other Houston area knifemakers are. I can't find any local guys to chat up.

    I'm in Houston, but we were not affected, luckily.
  13. CustomerServiceBeth

    CustomerServiceBeth Super Moderator

    Hello Everyone,
    We are still looking for those that were affected by these hurricanes. If you know of anyone that was affected please contact us.

    thank you!!!!

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