Support for Houston area knife makers - Seeking donations, info

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donate via

donate via Paypal account we have set up for this:

We are launching a donation drive to support full time or part time knife makers that have lost their shops to hurricane Harvey. will match up to $2,000 in public donations for full time knifemakers in the form of gift certificates that have had their shops destroyed by Harvey.

See below for more details.

Suggestions or comments on how to help or who to help are welcome. It's time to step up.


edited to add part time makers and not just limit this to full time knife makers.
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We have all seen the devastation of hurricane Harvey. We would like to help our knife maker brothers and sisters that have been wiped out to get back on their feet. This isn’t about advertising. This isn’t about making us look good. This is about doing the right thing and about helping people in need. If I could do this quietly I would but I can’t. These guys need your help and I am going bang the drum as loud as I can to get some help headed their way.

What: will match donations up to $2,000 in knife making supplies for full or part time knife makers that have lost their shops to the hurricane and flood. If I can manage more, I will but right now it’s the best I can do. If public donations do not reach $2,000 for the match, we will still give out the full $2,000 in the form of gift certificates to I hope we can max this out to $4,000+

Who: We will give $250 gift certificates to 8 (at minimum, we hope for at least 16 or more) full time knife makers that have had their shops destroyed by floods. It’s not enough to restock a shop. I get that. I also understand there are hundreds, maybe thousands of part time makers that also have had tragic losses and I wish we could help everyone. Those makers that depend on knife making as their primary income can use our help as a community.

Send donations in care of Knifemaker Harvey Relief to USAknifemaker. Send a check, cash, use Paypal or a credit card. We will cover the Paypal and Credit card fees. We will total up the donations and match up to $2,000 to be given out as gift certificates to 8 full time makers. If the total of public donations exceeds $2,000, we will compile the extra and give out as many $250 gift certificates as the funds allow. 100% of donations will be given out. We will recap all activity on for full transparency in this thread:

We are asking you to provide names and contact information of full time knife makers in and around the Houston area that you know have lost their shop or had significant shop damage. We do not need a list of random names of makers in the area. We need to know who got hurt in this. We will have to filter out opportunists so we will require proof of loss in the form of pictures of their shop and a short description of damage. To be clear, we aren’t “covering” any other losses. There are other agencies for that. We are trying to help those that lost their knife making shop.

I am hoping for a lot of interest and support. I will have a thread on to track donations, candidates and awards and to keep this transparent.

I welcome your input and suggestions on how the knife making community can step up and lend a hand.

Post your comments and suggestions on here:


Tracy Mickley


Midwest Knifemakers Supply, llc dba

2650 9th Ave

Mankato, MN 56001
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As another avenue of support. We will take donations of materials, supplies, small tools, etc and consolidate them into random boxes and ship them to makers affected in the area. We can't handle machinery but can provide names and addresses (as we accumulate them) for you to ship your donation direct. Ship those donations in kind to USAknifemaker at the above address marked as Harvey Knifemaker Relief.
thanks for your support

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update: We are working with Paypal to set up donation buttons for this. We will also set up donation buttons on our supply site to make this easier. I will post links or buttons as we work through the tech issues.
I'm new to knife making, but not new to being human and I am profoundly moved by your decision, Mr. Mickley, to do whatever you can to help. I have several family members in the Houston area, most of whom we've lost contact with, so this kind of compulsion to to something, anything to help, hits home with me. Thank you for caring. Thank you for leading. - Lee

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Would anyone be up to donating a knife (or two) to this?

My first thought would be to collect donated knives, list them for sale here in auction forum for 30 days and donate the funds to the cause.
We will take care of pictures, shipping to the buyer and seeing the funds get distributed.

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Jason Fry, President of the Texas Knifemakers Guild has sent out an email to their membership seeking names of affected knife makers. If you know of someone affected, let us know.
Would anyone be up to donating a knife (or two) to this?

My first thought would be to collect donated knives, list them for sale here in auction forum for 30 days and donate the funds to the cause.
We will take care of pictures, shipping to the buyer and seeing the funds get distributed.
Bossdog - Depending on the deadline, I would consider donating a knife. I might need more than 30 days...more like 45-60 days.
Here is a list of donors so far!

Lonny Hytrek
Marty Blake
Clyde Hobby
Ted Hauser
Glenn Are Hovin
Brian Ringers
Sam Cast
Rising Patriot
Charles Spresser
Jacob Lutz
Dean Daily
Vernon R. Kubiak
Brandon Fox
Scout Knives
William Collins
Charles Willison
Otto Dimick
Ty Adams
Garrett Helms
Rudy Pattay
Zac Shearer
Trevor Neale
Justin Hamm
Erik Land
Kevin Anderson
Roderick Weaver
Kevin Vincent
Ravens Beak
Sean Jones
Lynn Ausbrooks
Alex Antoniou
Caleb Burgess
Jim Moenck
Gene Kimmi
Brian Dunning
John Moran
Marvin Arneson
Larry Franklin
Peter Martin
Steven Iverson
Richard Brown
Steve Wisdom
Adam Long
Lupus Rex Forge
Jim Poling
Mike Hadley
Dennis Vaughan
Brian Dunning
Mark Raymond
Dakota Scott
Randy Purchase
Michael Steele
Sean Weirich
Derrick Phillips
Joseph Cabaup

Peter Martin/Larry Franklin made and donated a knife at our Hammer In last year.

We also received 2 knives from Dennis Morland aka DeMo that will be auctioned off and will be donating the proceeds.

Ken Holland - 2 Kitchen knives, Paring knife and Petty Chef Knife

Justin Hamm - Hunting Knife with Sheath

Jess Hoffman - Hunting Knife with Sheath

Darrin Sanders - Hunting Knife

Darrin Sanders - Hunting knife with sheath

Black Raven Arms - Hunting Knife with Sheath

Jim Moenck - Hunting knife with sheath

Total as of the end of the day on 10/23 $2663.88

**We have reached our goal to match $2,000, but let's keep it going! Let's see how much we can raise over the Labor Day weekend!

We will update this as we get donations in. Thank you so much!
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Hi Tracy, I'm Milan Gradinac Max from Bosnia, I'm willing to give a couple of my knives as help, which you could sell at auction. I'll need 15 days to make them, and then I'll send it to your address. I hope this will help someone at least a little bit.
Bosnia! Awesome Milan. Thank you.

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Address to ship donation knives is:
Midwest Knifemakers Supply, llc
2650 9th Ave
Mankato, MN 56001
atten: Harvey Fund