Super Glue Finish

Mike Jones

Google Master
I needed to polish up a couple pieces of mahogany for some pictures, so I decided to use a super glue finish and take some pics to show others how I do it.

I have the mahogany blocks ready, sanded to 220 with an orbital sander. I also just use the cheapest thin super glue that I got for free at Menards a while ago.

Drip a couple lines of super glue on the block, then rub it around using my finger covered in masking tape.

Sand with 220 grit paper , smoothing out the finish. This shows where any low spots are that need extra attention. I sometimes hand sand, sometimes use the orbital sander here. Repeat filling/sanding until the low spots are gone.

I sand up to an 800 finish by hand after it is smooth.

Then buff using white abrasive. It should come out perfect and glossy. If it is bad, you can add more glue and go back to the 220 grit step.

All done!
I did this on a knife I re-handled awhile ago,using steel wool in between coats to stabilize. Then used a few coats of Tru-Oil to finish. It turned out nice. Id share a picture of the finished results but I cant seem to find them right now.

Mike Jones

Google Master
Not long. I think the longest I waited was 2 minutes of a thicker coat. At first it's quick, then slows down, so I set it down and came back to it a minute or two later.