Something you wont see me do to often..

Dustin Turpin

Well-Known Member a fixed blade.

This is something I built for a family member that is going hunting next week. Thought it would be a good chance to test out Elmax steel. So I threw a machine finish on it and told him to beat the hell out of it while he is out there and let me know how it does. Hoping he gets some pictures I can post later.

Need to build some larger reflectors in my lighting setup to really capture a knife this size. Right now my setup is geared up for mainly smaller knives and folders.

OAL: 11"
BL: 5.5" from middle of choil
Thickness: .200"
Steel: Elmax Stainless
Handle: Floated contoured blk G10

Thanks for looking.



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Dustin, it's not what I imagined as a "Turpin Hunter", but it's deffinately a kick @ss lookin knife. I agree with others in saying that you should do fixed blades more often. This looks like a great mid sized tactical. I know I'd be more than proud to carry one on my kit. Great design!