Smoke and Prayers needed!!!

Keith Willis

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Wolf,my brother,this lady has a true friend in you.
I pray that God will allow her to heal,and return home.
I know you said she is not of faith,but do let her know
that we are all praying for her.

May God bless you brother,for being there for her.

God bless,Keith


Howlin' Wolf
Much as I hate to say it, help her find an Attorney. One who deals with situations like this.

It's not that I'm into Sueing, but when Hospitals/Doctors have this attitude problem, and it's something I've had happen with a Pediatrician and my Nephew, something serious needs to be done!

My own Neurosurgeon has said, "Nobody knows your body like you do." And now the same is true of your Gal.
She could've stroked out, which could've left her in a severely diminished capacity for life, or worse.

Sorry to bring it up, IW, but I can no longer tolerate Doctors who think "they know better".:12::12::12:

In the meantime, Smoke & Prayers on the way, my friend.:3:

Just did some more reading.
Man, Faith could go a long way here.
I hope she can gain some, quick.
I'm not a "church goin' man", but Faith is something I've got plenty of, and I'm sending some Coby's way.

Facing our own mortality can be a very trying experience.
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The Knife Poet
Thanks folks;
I got a call from her early this AM...
she'd been having a bad dream,and woke up thinking she'd been crying.
When she went to wash her face it was blood coming from her nose,not tears...
They figure it was a stress related nose-bleed.
She was freaking out but we got her calmed,and the bleeding has stopped,
which is a very good thing;she's on heavy doses of Warfarin blood-thinners to dissolve the clot,
so any bleeding is bad...
Thank you Friends for all your thoughts and Prayers!
Bless ya'll.


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prayers from Ga.You are a good friend I hope she knows this they are truely hard to find.


The Knife Poet
Thanks gh1,
she's a good girl who had some self-destructive issues,and fought some demons that claim too many.
I was by her side for those 3 years,and with my guidance she triumphed.
So,yes,she knows what she means to me,after 11 years together.


The Knife Poet
I have Brother,
and she says to say "Thank you"...
She's being transferred back to North Van/Lion's Gate hospital in the next day or 2,
and she's fairly stable now,and calm.
Her numbers are beginning to respond to the drug therapy,
and she's no longer on the verge of renal failure!!!:35:
The only scary thing is now,as the clot dissolves,
there's a chance it might dislodge and travel...
right now it's in a relatively harmless spot.
They figure 6 months until it's dissolved,
so I'll have my fingers crossed for the next half a year!
Thank you all!!


Howlin' Wolf
Fought some particularly nasty demons myself, and couldn't have done it without the support of my wife and son.
So I've a fair idea how that goes.

Coby had you, and you can tell her for me, that's a blessing.

Maybe, hopefully, it can help instill a bit of Faith in her.

Good to hear she's stabilizing, but concerned(as you are) about the clot.
More Smoke & Prayers headed Coby's way!:3:

Bob Warner

Is there anything I can do to help her or YOU?

I hate to see people struggle in any manner.

Just ask, I if I can help, You can bet I will.

Brother Wolf, Fancy seeing you here! Glad to see that Coby is doing a bit better. Have faith my friend. We are here for you (and Coby) with prayers and healing smoke.
All my best to you and Miss Coby. Take care of yourselves!


The Knife Poet
I did also Mack,
way back in the day I was stuffing so much garbage up my nose I could have opened a ski resort,
smoking enough herb to keep Woodstock going for a summer,and tripping with uncle Cid by the fistfull...
I quit doing all those things over the course of a year,and left that lifestyle and never looked back.
I didn't have any family or friends around to speak of,and the only help I got was from the Old Man Upstairs.
She knows how much it hurt me to see her fight those demons,as I vowed I'd never have anyone in my life that walked that road,
and after 5 years together,to see her go that way dammed near killed me.
But,I was hardened in the flames of self-destruction and beat upon by the hammer of my own ego for a reason;
to achieve a True Temper and be strong enough to guide others thru it.
Bob,just seeing your smilin' face,and knowing your Smoke is rolling strong is all I need brother,
and I thank you for it.
Hiya YKW,nice to see ya here!
(my 2nd home away from home ;) )
Thanks for the Good Vibes bro,
they're workin'!
I'm bagged,and am headin' for the barn.
Good Night all:
Blessing be on you and yours.

WA Martin

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Iron Wolf,

Autumn and I will be praying for her too. Hang in there and keep encouraging her through all of this.

Numbers 6:24


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Ironwolf another Texan here sending his best wishes yall's way. It is amazing the things we face and find the strength to overcome.
stay strong and by her side and you will both be ok.



The Knife Poet
I just looked up Amazing Grace in the dictionary and found a link to KnifeDogs...
You folks are Amazing, and full of Grace.
She might be coming home in a couple of days;
she's pretty stable,and they can't find a bed in Lion's Gate Neurology Wing,
so in a couple more days they might let her come home.


The Knife Poet
I was over to see Coby today;
she's home,and happy to be there!
She's still waiting for the green light to return to work,
as the docs want another week or so for the blood thinners to diminish the clots
(turns out there are 2),
so she's supposed to just chill and de-stress.
She asks to pass along her "Thank You!" to all of you.
Bless ya'll,
and Thank you.