Slipjoint Micarta & Vine

Johnny Roberts

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Just finished this up about a week ago.

Stainless pins, bolsters, and liners. ATS-34 spring and blade. Milled liners and dove tailed bolsters. Linen Micarta with creeping vine filework that covers the spring and extends to the blade.

Thanks for looking. On to the next one.
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Bruce Bump

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Nice slipjoint. Need better pictures to fully enjoy it though. I use a micarta slipjoint for an edc and that stuff is tough! Nice work.

Johnny Roberts

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Thanks guys and I do need to get some better pictures.
I have to take a bunch of pics and hope that a few of them are decent.
I am going to try again this weekend. If I get some better results, I will post 1 or 2.



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That is very nice. The materials and file work come together to make a fine looking knife. I could see myself carrying that.