Shop picture thread.

Now this just comes from an old fart, so don't take it personal, I have a standing RULE. If one of my children borrow a tool, they are responsible for returning it in like condition to the place they found it. If they don't, this old man lets them have it and still makes them do it. If they break a tool due to mis use, they WILL replace it with one of equal value. I value my tools and have tried to instill that into the guys that use my tools.

Hope it helps, but tools are just too dang expensive to be replacing or repairing due to someone else not caring.

I have lost entire sets of tools due to children, my rule now is if you use it, put it back where you got it from, if not you won't use it anymore AND they have to ask before using anything. That way I know who is responsible for them, it is sickening how many tools I've had, the first hammer I bought when I bought my property came up missing about 15 years ago, once the pasture became yard, and I had to cut it, guess what I found? Yup, my favorite, (carpenter) hammer, the handle was rotted, but I plan on fixing it one day. Kids are wonderful....but not with tools, my rule is if they use it and I can't find it, they buy me a new one, period. Once you start tapping into their cash flow it will start mattering to them, I know mine have more money than I do at times, so it is more of a discomfort to them, but my tools get put back! BUT you have to make them actual spend their money at least once! Then it hits home! Rex