Radio Reception In The Shop


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Radio reception!?!? What about TV reception? :)

I usually listen to Klove when in the shop, but due to the LED lighting I installed last year, getting it via radio is impossible....the light interfere. So I installed the "Tune In" app on my shop computer....and have it running through the speaker scattered around the shop.

I bootlegged my Dish Network from the house to the shop..... only issue is that IF a TV is on inside the house, the TV in the shop is locked to whatever is on the inside TV. Thankfully Cindy works all day. But I generally only watch the morning news.....

Most of the time the TV is a monitor for the cameras around the place......

It's kinda nice to actually see who's coming, before they knock on the shop door.... or worse, just POP in, and scare the puddin outta ya. :)


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I'm pretty much limited to FM radio out here. Very little in the way of internet, I have to get on line from 2 a.m. to 8 a.m. to download something of any size.
The good news is I picked up a cheap MP3 player for dirt cheap at WW ($9.), found a free music site and downloaded about 3 dozen songs early this a.m. . Was pleasantly surprised how well this thing does and sounds.
Just need a few hundred more tunes over the next few weeks. I should be able to plug into a bluetooth speaker with this and get the earbuds off, can't stand not being able to hear what's going on around me with the buds in place.


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I like the security cameras idea, 24 hr recording with at least 30 day storage would be great!
I have two game cameras out in the trees pointed at the shop.