Question about the belt grinder Goset G 20 Pro


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I'm just looking for a new belt grinder. I found a quite interesting construction from a vendor I have never heard before.
Take a look here.

Does anybody know that vendor or has already experiences with that belt grinder? From a price point it seems to quite interesting. With a starting price of 1100€ this belt grinder is cheaper than products from KMG f. e.

Thank for you feedback



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First time I've every heard of/looked at that machine. Based on what I see, I suspect it's produced to meet some type(s) of safety requirements.... lots of sheilds and safety parts/fittings.

Thst aside, there are a number of things that scream "NO DEAL" to me...... First is the belt tensioning method..... I've always found that a compression spring is far superior to (the word escapes me at the moment) Contraction?? :) Anyway, I simple don't like that type of belt tensioning system, and would certainly not buy a machine with it.

The overall frame/housing material seems overly light in guage/thickness..... just think it should be heavier gauge/thicker material. I'd suspect there would be a good deal of vibration on the machine.

Although I can't get a really good look via the pics..... I have to question the flat platen...... like the frame, it seems very light gauge.

The price equates to appx. $1,750.00 in US dollars...... I'd certainly not pay that much money for the machine, especially with all the other options avaialble. Now if you live somewhere that you simply have no other choice(s).....


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thank you for your quick reply.
The thing with the vibration also concerns me.
Unfortunately I don't have the possibility to see a real machine yet.
For this reason I search the Internet for a good and affordable way.
Do you have a recommendation for me?


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Hi Higgy!

Where are you located? I assume outside the U.S.? If so, you're choices will be limited..... unless you're willing to pay the additonal shipping charges, and likely a motor change (at least in most cases).

In the U.S. there are a huge variety of choices..... personally, I would recommed sticking with the tried and true machines/brands. Many of the machines that have been introduced in the last few years simply don't match up in terms of build quality.

These would be my top choices (in order) were I to purchase a machine tomorrow. There are a lot of others out there, but none that I would recommend..... mostly because of design flaws or being cheaply built. Others will have varying opinions...... but after 30+ years of knifemaking, I've used pretty much every grinder out ther at one time or the other..... so I base my recommendations on overall quality, longevity, and user friendliness.


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Depending on where you are determines to a great extend what's the best buy around in grinders. The grinder linked to is in Sweden (I think) and if you're in Sweden that might tip the scales. Like Ed says there are several things I don't like about it, that big fully enclosed guard for one, but seems like I've read the guard is required in EU? If price isn't an issue I'd sure look at the new KMG or TW90.... or many of the other good grinders around.

edit: Ed, you must have hit "post" a second before I did - you just beat me to the post. Yes, I agree with there are very few grinders that I wouldn't change anything on. Even the fabled TW90 has the 1-1/4" tooling arms which are not industry standard. Not there is anything wrong with 1-1/4" size, might actually be better choice than 1-1/2" if starting fresh.
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Look into building your own and save a lot of money. You can probably build Moe's Grinder frame from your scrap pile. Look at the video on the Grinders page and look into the Build Moe's Grinder DVD at

Let me know if I can help you.


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I can tell you the one thing that jumps out at me.
156779224-origpic-66678e.jpg 156779224-origpic-f87962.jpg
That is an absolute horrible place for the on/off switch. When something goes wrong you want the ability to hit the off switch and step aside in one motion! Firsts003 (1).JPG This is mine. Not to say I have the end all but, if I hear something I can step aside and slap the off button. It sits higher than start button and is easily contacted.

What I am trying to say. Is you may/may not have that warning. However when you do hear it you do not want to be reaching over the machine to hit the stop button when a belt breaks!!


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With all that shielding I'm just thinking about belt changes! All that would be on a shelf after the first knife, probably after the first belt change!! LOL!!