Les George

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Since I have been designing for Protech, I took a half day to visit their southern California shop after the California Custom Knife show last weekend.

The owner, Dave, is great people for sure and he's running a very orderly ship!

I just thought you guys would like to know that there are great things coming down the pipe from Protech! :):drool::35:

Les George

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Only secret ones.... Turns out though, that if you show up at a knife factory with boxes of donuts, you can pretty much distract the whole crew. ;)


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George, Glad things are working out for you! I've sold a few of your Protech autos. One little suggestion for you from feed back from my buyers. The have liked your designs of blade and such better but have recently been buying the ones with a manual safety. One guy said he had one of yours open in back pocket and cut the leather seat in his girl friends car.

I explained to him to put it on his front pocket on the side and that wouldn't happen. He said, But I like to put it in my back pocket so I'l buy another one from you that has a safety. I know?:34: Good for me but not so for you. Sometimes you just have to build for the lowest common denominator.

Yes, Dave and his crew are nice people. I hope to go take a look/see some time at the shop. It's only an hour or two from where I live.

Glad things are working out for you. My two cents is that if you add a safety on one model you could move more of them.

Take care.