Pretty little hunter

Bruce Bump

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I just finished this one. I like it allot as it just may be the prettiest hunting knife I've made.

Micro Mosaic damascus, 416 stainless guard and pommel, Amber stag by Culpepper, engraving by Jere Davidson.




David Roeder

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That's a nice one Bruce !
I've been giving it some thought lately about maybe learning to do some simple engraving. Everyone starts somewhere :) The engraving on your piece really sets it off, and I love the deep richness of the handle.


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Man that look's ugly.... send it to me and I’ll dispose it for you.
Got to make sure it’s done properly :biggrin:

Calvin Robinson

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I can see why you like it,I like it too. It's hard to beat an amber stag handle,the Damascus is gorgeous and the engraving is just right.