new project


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This is done. You can see the lines from the reflection of the screen door - they follow the grinds. Room for improvement but not too bad I think.131_2089.JPG131_2085.JPG

I decided to try to cold blue it.....


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The bowie is progressing. I just about had heat stroke yesterday, so I spent today in the shop out of the sun.

I noticed some waves in these bevels that just about made me sea sick. They were pretty bad, I don't know how I missed them. I went back to 80 grit and grinded on these all day. It did the grinds some good but still didn't completely get it. Plunges are washed out and some slight unevenness in the hollow grinded section. But way more presentable. I brought this up to 600. My first time actually trying for clean plunges. These two blades sure need false edges.

This isn't a WIP. I just wanted to post up some progress. I'll post up the finished product with either the ivory or the ivory with the bone.
I'm planning on copper guards, stainless hidden pins in the guard and spacers, and need to order epoxy and CA glue. Thanks for checking it out!