New HT furnace coming!


Hi Jess....I got a 45" furnace. I'm not doing swords....My brother is tooling up to make cut rifled gun barrels. I thought that if I bought the longer furnace I could help him normalize gun barrel steel. I was able to lift it easily with four and I think two would have done it. I think they said it 355 lbs but It didn't seem that heavy so I may be off 100 lbs.

So I have a piece of D2 that is 3/32 x 2" x 18" which should make two nice kitchen blades. My older brother is a knife collector, loves D2, and is coming to visit in a month. I'm going to try to have a kitchen knife made for him by then. The last time I was in California he gave me a very forged Japanese style kitchen knife.
If I can pull it off I'm going to try to engrave his initials in the handle. I'll keep the other as a progress gage.
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