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Mike Jones

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I started to get a little bit bored making knives, so I decided to try a different thing to make: bows!

I researched, researched, then researched a little more, and I found simple plans to make a bow. I didn't follow them exactly, but using many of my knifemaking tools, I built a hickory bow with a walnut handle and two walnut laminates for the string.

I made this completely myself, including the string, which is 3 pieces of waxed string twisted together. The length of the bow is 60" and I have no idea what the weight of pull it is. I would say maybe around 40 pounds though.

I also tried out a super glue finish on the walnut, and I tested out my new buffer 2thumbs

I can't shoot it worth crap, but it was pretty fun to make. Only took 2 messed up bows to get one finished :(

So here it is!
A full length shot:

Walnut handle piece:

Handle in the hand:

Walnut string laminate:

What do you guys think?


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That is so awesome, its something I have always wanted to do, I just may have to now... may I ask what tutorial you used to make it?

Frank Aguirre

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Hey Mike your not alone. After seeing Mike Snody make some I wanted to make some for my boys. Here it is after I cut out the shape. Still need alot of work though. Its no where as hard to make as that bow though.


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I love traditional archery! I hunt with a recurve. They are a little more forgiving than long bows because most are center cut. Keep it up!


Traditional Archery is a lot of fun. That is a nice looking longbow.

Keith Willis

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Hey Mike,that looks good.I don't know if you are going to try to continue make your own bows,if so I have a few fullsize prints,that were never used, and a couple of DVD'S that I bought back a few years ago.I also have the "Bowers Bibles".I wanted to try making my own bows,but health reasons would not let me do it all.This is all great stuff for someone wanting to make bows.If you are interested,and if I can find all of it,maybe you would be interested in doing a little trade,for some of that handle material.
Good luck.Let me know.

God bless,Keith


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Love these bows

I love the bows over at classic bow (but I can't afford one) also, I haven't checked out their reputation.



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This is the one that I hunt with. It is a samick "red stag." For the money they can't be beat. I know people that custom make bows, and they love the bows made by samick. Samick also make a Korean series of bows that are like the ones posted above.



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that takedown feature is the beez kneez lol, I have wanted one of those for a long time for when I am hiking or in the woods, also would go great in a bug out bag. Thanks for the post. Right now I only shoot a compound, I want to go to a more traditional bow.


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Yeah I love it. its a ton of fun just to shoot. I think the red stag costs about $180. Here are some good links for ya:

3 rivers is all about traditional archery. the other carries green tree archery(aka samick), fred bear, Martin, and PSE. all are really good, but there are a lot of custom bow makers out there.

This is one is my friend's site: His name is Terry, and he has some very fine bows.

enjoy the info



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I need to sell some knives, lol. I will have one of these, soon. Thanks for the info.. LOOK OUT TRED BARTA lol