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Dennis Morland

Here is a link to see the Sheath WIP build.


Dennis Morland

It has been some time since I posted a finished knife. Here is a new one. I call it a "small hunter". I have made several with this pattern and I sell quite a few of them. This one is made from 1075 high carbon steel. It has brass bolsters and pins. Amber dyed jigged bone for scales. Red G10 liners. Theme was "orange". Orange thread on the sheath, orange colored sheath, orange colored handle.

Pictures are way better than words.


Dennis Morland

Here is another small hunter. 1075 high carbon, brass bolsters and pins, yellow g10 liners. Theme was "yellow".

A special thank you to DanF. At least, I hope it was DanF. I think it was him that gifted to me the scales. If I remember correctly, cherry burl. I think it came from his yard. I am horrible at remembering stuff. If I am mistaken, someone please correct me.

Again, pictures are better than words.


Raymond Richard

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Been a while since I posted a new knife. First knife for 2019.

My first try at a Bowie. Or my take on a Bowie. Made from 1075. 9 inch blade.

Elk shed, blue G10, 410 stainless steel guard, pins and spacers. Copper inserts in guard. Copper beads and blue suede lacing to match the knife.

This knife took me a long time to complete.

Dennis, Your bowie looks good. The bottom of your guard is to long. It should be the same distance below the blade as it is above the spine. That's one straight crown you used.