Might see a familiar face on Season 2 of Historys Knife or Death.

Ok Knifedogs October 10th is the day my episode will air on Historys Forged in Fire: Kinfe or Desth Season 2.

I know it might sound cheesey guys but 5 years ago I started making knives and honestly did not know one steel from another let alone ever think something like this could happen. It's pretty humbling to be able to make a knife and compete with it on a national TV show. I have alot of you guys to thank for helping me get to this point. Darrin Sanders you answered so many beginner questions I had when I started and always picked up the phone when I called. The knife community truly is a huge family.
So thanks to anyone who helped me out.

Ok enough of that!
Can't wait to see you compete. Very interested in seeing what you made and how it and you perform. People like you are the reason I enjoy helping others who are new to the craft.


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I'll be looking forward to watching. Saw it for the first time last night. Took today off so I stayed up late. I know,,,,, the show is not on late. lol,,,, It is when your alarm goes off at 3:45am. You better win!!!! I don't have next Thursday off.
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I saw the first half and didn't get to see the ending. I am pulling for you Justin.
Now I can't look at this thread till I see the ending.

J. Doyle

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Good job Justin. I'm proud of you. I have more comments that I'll save for later but I'll say this:

This task is well outside most of our wheelhouses, mine included. I've made a few large bowies but its just not the same thing.

Finding the balance between a knife that is long enough and heavy enough and one that is light enough and easily controllable would be REALLY splitting hairs, even AFTER competing, I'll wager.

The physical toll this takes on ALL the competitors is readily obvious and is a serious factor in the outcome and should not be underestimated.

Justin Presson

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Thank you guys it was a cool experience and as you seen I gave everything I could. I should have trained hard but didn't, I had 11 days from the time they said you are on the show.
John Doyle, that knife I made for season 1 but did not get picked. I took it knowing I was going to be out gunned so to speak. If I ever did it again I would make a different knife something with a 2 handed grip and about 4 inches longer maybe 6.

I'm at work I will share some more info later on some behind the scenes they did not show.