Man O Man this is cool.


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Hey Bruce. Nice seeing you chime in. Make yourself at home. We are. :D

I think once we pick up steam we'll be hard not to love over here. So much talent in such a small space and I look forward to having a personal relationship with so many suppliers, and makers all in the same place. Should be real nice indeed.


C Craft

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Please don’t be bashful. If there is any way that we can help you make better knives, please let us know. PAHAHAHA
Kevin you better be careful or Bruce is gonna break out one of those gun/knives he does so well and if he don't shoot you he's always got the toad sticker to work with!! Kevin I don't know how you ever got to work with Bruce but,...………….. you suck!!!:eek::p

With makers like Mark and Bruce, a fellow has to set there standards much higher!!